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Its Pride Month and here at Pinterest were proud to celebrate the diversity of our community!

  • Emily O'Brien

    I agree with @Marissa Clark

  • Sydney Bryant

    @Pinterest This isn't fair! I am a British girl from London and I was talking with an American girl from Pennsylvania and you blocked me from talking to her! @Maya Evans was her name and we were talking on @Competition Level: Disney board. Why can't I talk to her? I'm not telling her government secrets or anything!!!!!!!! Please?

  • Donna Davis

    a group of people wanting to be eqwuals ask for more then the rest of us, to be noticed above others, special days and sapecial requirements of the rest of us, doesn't go with what they claim. when is heterosexual pride month on pinterest? or is pinterst heterophobic?

  • Celeste Orgeron

    Donna, We don't ask for more than the rest. We just ask to have the same rights. We didn't create gay pride. Why don't you make heterosexual pride month. I'll help you celebrate :) Why is everyone so bitter? Why not just join together and celebrate life? Spread love not hate.

  • Donna Davis

    no, sorry, having special days is asking for more, after all there is no straight pride day or moth or celebrations.

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We recently made a handy new feature for people with Android devices. In Pinterest for Android v3.0, we’ll notify you when you’re near a place you’ve Pinned. And if you’re on the go with a brand new Android wearable, you’ll get a notification there, too!

  • Margaret Lee

    Awesome Gadget

  • Ngoga Egide

    So awesome, innovation and tech in this times are so exciting! I'm proud of being part of Pinterest team!

  • Whitney Bardsley

    Is Pinterest ever going to make a way to move multiple pins at once? Long overdue..

  • MissAwesomeSauce

    Dido to what @WhitneyBardsley said, ALSO, we need SUB-BOARDS. For example, we can have a main HOLIDAY board and then have "Christmas" and "Halloween" as Sub-boards. PLEASE DO THIS!

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Introducing Guided Search: Find what you're looking for and make a few discoveries along the way

Introducing Guided Search
  • zeca Godar

    É isso tem que ter contato com varias culturas.

  • Monica

    I want to see pins from other countries too. Is there a way to do that?

  • Emma

    ********* HELLPPPP******* This feature will not work on my phone!!! It hasn't showed up... I've updated Pinterest when there are smaller updates like bug fixes and redownloaded. I need this to be fixed!!!

  • Lauren Smith

    ******pinterest PLZ PLZ PLZ suspect Lauren stroff. Her username is "laurenstroff" and she's a hate account. PLZ PLZ PLZ suspend her

  • Boite Mails

    easy to search !

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Xin chào! Pinterest now speaks Vietnamese , via the Official Pinterest Blog

Xin chào! Pinterest now speaks Vietnamese
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Hai! Welcome to Pinterest, Malaysia!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Hai! Welcome to Pinterest, Malaysia!
  • First Lady Hair Company

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  • Kayla McCrary

    @Pinterest a certain user has created a account for the sole purpose of telling another user to kill herself. Many people have asked her to stop, and we have reported her, but still she continues. Could you please, please deactivate the account? The victim that is being bullied is a friend of mine, and I don't want her to feel bad, or worse, take the bully's advice and kill herself. Please, it would mean the world to the 5000 or so followers she has! I can tag them both if you like.....

  • Gaby (Justy) Rapalo

    Yes! I agree with Kayla! She is telling this awesome girl to KILL HERSELF! That is awful, so we are asking you to delete her account because she is mean! Her username is Lauren Stroff

Kumusta! Pinterest now available in Tagalog, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Kumusta! Pinterest now available in Tagalog

สวัสดี! Pinterest now speaks Thai, via the Official Pinterest Blog

สวัสดี! Pinterest now speaks Thai

Salut! Pinterest is available in Romanian, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Salut! Pinterest is available in Romanian

Üdvözlünk! Bringing Pinterest to Hungary, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Üdvözlünk! Bringing Pinterest to Hungary

Γεια! Pinterest now speaks Greek , via the Official Pinterest Blog

Γεια! Pinterest now speaks Greek
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नमस्ते! Pinterest now speaks Hindi, via the Official Pinterest Blog

नमस्ते! Pinterest now speaks Hindi

Spring flings: Plan a one day getaway , via the Official Pinterest Blog

Spring flings: Plan a one day getaway
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More (and more!) secret boards
  • Constance Colar

    I created a secret for to pin things to for later, but then I couldn't locate it more. Is that suppose to happen?

  • Ben Krueger-Blehm

    Secret boards are great things. Thanks pinterest!

  • Jo Walker

    What about sorting the people you follow? Sort of like Twitter Lists. So I can create a list of all people I post re:beauty or food or whatever category, and see only posts from those people when I want to!!!

  • Deborah Fowler-Kyle

    I, too, use a secret board for future pins. it helps when you are pinning from another website!! Thanks, PINTEREST!!

  • Emily Garner

    Stop sending us related pins!!! Said everyone ever.

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A smarter Pin It button
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A more mobile Pinterest

A more mobile Pinterest
  • Becky

    Yay!! So glad this is fixed!!

  • Vivien McNamara

    I get he feeling that everyone is pinning a lot more now the notification mess has been corrected. Perhaps we are all happier!

  • Emily Garner

    Stop sending us related pins!!! Said everyone ever.

  • Vivien McNamara

    Sorry to offend - not intentional. Since Pinterest is public, unless it's on a secret board - how would I know not to reply?

  • Laurie Blacker


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It’s going to be an interesting year, via the Official Pinterest Blog

It's going to be an interesting year
  • D Girl

    Follow me Pinterest plz

  • djboomerang59

    Follow me and i will follow you

  • Jay

    Please add a feature that allows us to go to the BOTTOM of the board, not just the top.

  • Adrienne Fryhoff

    My boards are not showing just my pins! What's wrong???

  • Lorrianne Martin

    Jay, this is a great idea, so many times I wished there was a down arrow link to move quickly to the bottom of the page. Pinterest this would be great!

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A GIF from Pinterest, via the Official Pinterest Blog

A GIF from Pinterest
  • Pikachu ♥

    I gotta suggestion - A feature to upload videos!!!!!!! da da d ad a da a

  • Alexis D.

    Hi Pinterest :3

  • ⚓️мєgαи⚓️

    I LOVE this update because sometimes the link with the gif won't load, but now it plays without going on the internet!

안녕하세요! Pinterest now speaks Korean, via the Official Pinterest Blog

More ways to search for recipes, via the Official Pinterest Blog

More ways to search for recipes
  • Sue Geiger

    Linda, great idea!

  • Jay

    Me too. This would help us keep the number of boards down, and establish as logical order.

  • Donna Davis

    Love Linda's idea

  • Allison Lambert

    I would love to have sub categories. That is a great idea Linda. I really wish Pinterest would work on this.

  • Jay

    Absolutely - Veggies/corn /cauliflower/asparagus, etc etc.

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Create a 2014 board: #PinYourResolution, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Create a 2014 board: #PinYourResolution
  • Alice Nobody

    I do know you did this because of scammers and all, but please don't.

  • Emma Di Angelo

    Me too. I hate this

  • Emma Di Angelo

    and when someone spams something can you PLEASE check the pin before you make no one get to pin it? One time all I wanted to do was to pin a simple drawing of an eye, and I couldn't pin it because It was spammed! I know you are plenty but please

  • Hermione Weasley

    Also I'd appreciate if you guys actually read my requests and emails instead of robots answering them. I understand you are a "small team" but I still think you should at least make an effort to listen to us

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Today we’re shining the spotlight on our brand new iPad app, which is new and improved for the holidays. We gave it a fresh new look for iOS 7, made it faster, and even added some new features!

  • Terry Saucedo

    I don't enjoy the related pins! Frustrating and just annoying-- clutters and I am not interested in what Pinterest thinks relates.

  • Danicia Case

    Terry, what are you using that is still getting the related pins:? Mine stopped a while ago.

  • Terry Saucedo

    It just started yesterday after I updated :/ never happened prior and I have been on Pinterest for awhile. I have a mini ipad .

  • Danicia Case

    Hmm, I wonder if it's something with the update. After they stopped coming up, I never updated, I was too afraid they would start again, lol

  • Laurie Blacker


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#MyHometownPins: Submit a travel guide!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

#MyHometownPins: Submit a travel guide!
  • Susan Euresti

    Come to Georgetown Texas where you can see the most beautiful townsquare in Texas

  • Linda Deal

    I love this idea. I would have participated if I'd had time. Next time, give more notice/lead time :)

The Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide is here!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

The Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide is here!
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