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The Importance of Eating Together - ​Cody C. Delistraty - The Atlantic

  • Yang Leelee

    Eating together that will feel happy with laugh and can share between 's idea and can understand each other's mind .

Surviving Anxiety - Scott Stossel - The Atlantic

29 Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong In The World

  • J

    Youknow probably dont want to now

The Dirty Jeans Manifesto

The Future of the Workforce May Be Part-Time, Says Google CEO Larry Page

  • Anne Marie Klein

    That's actually not bad. I once estimated what it would cost to buy every product featured in an issue of Simple, and it came to over three million dollars.

"Important kitty litter questions answered: It is a kind of clay and it is directly responsible for Internet culture" by Paul Ford.

Why reinventing the toilet is a women’s and girls’ issue

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Big data: are we making a big mistake? -- Big data is a vague term for a massive phenomenon that has rapidly become an obsession with entrepreneurs, scientists, governments and the media

The Overprotected Kid

  • Ron Ellison

    The young Alfred E Numan

  • Kateri Biggers

    you don't have to intentionally set up semi-dangerous play environments....the "safe" playgrounds are perfect for development. the child begins- parent guided- along the intended pathway of the structure. as soon as they develop the necessary skills, they quickly "think outside the box" and use the structure for unintended purposes (climbing up the outside for instance).

Climate change report

  • Naomi Mitchell

    Global warming is very true indeed, hurricane Katrina,and Sandy are storms that are going to be more frequent due to changes in tempturature in air and water. The oceans are rising in parts of the world. You should take some time and read all material that is out there on this subject ,you might look at things a different way. It is always good to keep an open mind than a closed book!

  • Maria Alves

    I am scared I feel insecure because on the bottom of my sence I know something terrible is coming All of this masses men is doing sure will have consequences

  • Patti H

    people have known for yrs that this is happening , but greed an politics hand in hand are to blame an mankind has done this

  • Mary Muller

    Don't just blame this country....the ignorance is worldwide!

  • met

    i agree with you Beth,Patti

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  • Landon Nation

    and don't carry their backpacks for them, no matter the age...

  • Yorkin Beriguete

    10,000,000.00€ milloneies de euros para cada fiesta del club bilderberg. Es el organismo que se encarga de la esclavitud mundial.

  • John Yi

    The title of this article is so misleading. The author actually says that there are a whole bunch of things that parents do which are positively correlated to better performance. Surely you can help your child with homework without preventing them from developing a sense of responsibility. Also it seems that most parents in this study don't actually have or recall the knowledge to be helpful in core subjects. Maybe true for high school chemistry but come on...there are lots of topics that a child can and should seek help from parents for. Boo to click bait titles.

  • Joan Fallaw

    What's up pinterest, Please invite me on to the board Thanks

  • met

    I DO NOT AGREE!!!!!!!!

Good read: “The era of Facebook is an anomaly.”

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  • Ellie C. Hudd

    your account is so meta

  • Carest

    La foto es preciosa e interesante. Lo importante no cambia: leer y escribir.

  • Anton Hirschkorn

    Scrisul de mana,caligrafia, terapie aristocrata a viitorului.Club privat al grafologilor.