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Pin pets

Our pincredible furry friends!

Henry, in his portable crate.

Tyler, AKA the bacon demolisher

Frisco, one of my three pups. Full time pinner, part time toilet paper roll balancing machine

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Fiona the bunny

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Lux the Goldendoodle!

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Lentil, unaware of her tongue.

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Again, Dragon after shower.

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Dragon after a shower: Today is hotter, but I stay cooler!

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Teddy, search dog. Great smile!

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Rocky and Steve, pair programming. Those input devices are Data Paws, with which Rocky can type upwards of 35wpm. (It's nothing but "woof, woof, woof," of course, but it's still pretty cool.)

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Travis, reception and therapy.

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Maggy is annoyed by being left at home, but she's only demonstrating why I can't bring her to the office.

  • sandra mCclure

    I have problem with my dog don't to be alone. She start chew on wood chair so I use lemon juice so she stop chewing. And also she will mix up my couch because she was bury her bone between the seat.

  • Marlene Mccool

    I have beenbreeding yorkies and pugs for years..yes they do get lonesome no matter how many other dogs r around so no matter where I go for any lenght time I give them pigs ears and leave tv on and yes it does help with the total distruction of your home...hope this helps

  • Robin Roark

    Got some boxer in her ours ate all our leather furniture . Currently sitting on a duct taped chair . Hilarious ,

  • Leonie Derwent

    just arrived home to find that our shar pei has taken to the Barcelona chair....a very expensive chew! leabing a door open so they dont feel like they have been left at home is great if thats an option.

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Sadie looks upset by Rocky's behavior.

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Angus, our newest canine recruit!

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Shasta, community management.

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Joe, junior web dog.

  • Patricia Lof


  • Jessica

    Border collies are my fav!

  • Patricia Lof

    Great breed, border collies. I've fostered many for a border collie non-profit rescue organization. All found great "furever" homes, some with my neighbors. This little one is very pretty, enjoying a well deserved chew toy.

  • Kent Brewster

    Joe's an Australian shepherd. (Currently 53 pounds and thin as a rail; he got really, really big!)

  • Patricia Lof

    Oh an aussie, I foster them, too for ABC (Aussie/Border Collie) Rescue. Both great breeds. Very cute. Looks like quite a character.

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