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Pin Tips

Tips and tricks for using Pinterest!

Pin Tip: Once you’ve added the Pin It button to your iPhone, you’re just a few taps away from Pinning your newest finds.

  • ♡  Tabitha  ♡

    @Pinterest I am so super frustrated with your changes!! (1) What is up with the NEWS button? I could care less who is pinning what from who and following what board. Yet when I check my notifications it's the first thing to pop up and I hate it.

  • ♡  Tabitha  ♡

    (2) WHY DID YOU GET RID OF THE SCROLL BUTTON??! This was really handy and instead of getting rid of it you should've ADDED a reverse one so that we can start at the beginning of a board instead of having to scroll thru hundreds of pins just to find that one recipe at the beginning of the board.

  • ♡  Tabitha  ♡

    (3) I realize there are not many of us left, but not everyone is an iphone user. You changing the pin home feed button and the add a pin/ upload a pin are making it almost impossible to pin from my phone which is where I use pinterest the absolute most!

  • ♡  Tabitha  ♡

    The buttons are so tiny and I can't seem to use them from my mobile. Now you have a huge SEARCH bar that I barely ever use. It's almost like you guys keep making changes to have people use Pinterest less and less. It was so perfect before then you guys made all these useless changes that everyone seems to hate!!

  • ♡  Tabitha  ♡

    To add to the terrible changes you've made the comment function hard to use and confusing to a lot of people. Your team needs some new employees because you guys are getting some bad advice !! People like EASY and you guys are making it soo unnecessarily complicated. WTH!!

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Pin Tip: Love the Pinterest app? You can add the Pin It button to your iPhone and Pin right from your mobile browser, too.

  • Nina Pogorzelec

    Dear Pinterest, please follow me! ♡

  • Potato Autumn Ireland Star

    Excuse me, @Pinterest I would like to ask you to bring back the "usernames" or more commonly called "tags" being visible at the top of profiles on the iPhone app. It's unbearably frustrating to not have that as a reference. If at all possible, please bring it back. Thank you for your time.

Remember that great idea you Pinned a while back and always meant to try? When you’re on the go, here’s an easier way to find things you’ve Pinned.

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The next time you find a Pin that looks interesting, take a look at who Pinned it. If you like what they’re Pinning, follow them to get their latest finds delivered to your home feed. For more tips about following, and how to fill your home feed with even more great stuff, just visit our Help Center.

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Our Help Center is the place to go for answers to any of your Pinterest questions—and it just got a makeover!

  • sandra s

    Like the old search bar much better

  • elmey

    bring back the scroll to top button please, one of the most useful things you had.


    don't know how to find anything now

  • Taylor Fulks

    The new update won't let me all! Stop fixing things that aren't broken...please!

  • Terri Kramer

    Could someone help me--I can't create a new board because my screen cuts off before I can click on the creat new board button. If that makes sense..Thanks.

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Here's a tip! It's easier and faster than ever to save articles, blog posts, recipes, products and more with the Pin It button right from your browser.

Goodies | About Pinterest
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Now, there’s no limit to the number of ways for you to plan, contemplate, practice and explore all the things you want to do. Go ahead, keep it a secret. We won’t tell.

More (and more!) secret boards
  • Linda Sherrin

    I still cannot arrange my boards in order on an iPad ... I do not have a mouse . How can you arrange your boards in order on an iPad ? Help...

  • Deb J

    To be able to move multiple pins at one time. Similar to the gallery on Galaxy. You can select every picture you want to move to another folder, etc and move them all at once.

  • Deb J

    Also, I want to add one particular pinner to be able to post to 20 of my secret boards. I have to actually add her to each one separate, she gets 20 emails and has to accept 20 times. I would like to be able to add her to numerous boards just by selecting the boards all in one step.

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Share your #PinYourResolution boards with friends!
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2014 Resolution tips from Pinners!

2014 Resolution tips from Pinners
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Survive your summer with these outdoor tips!
  • Joanne Lavallee

    Donna. My prayers are with you. I think Linda's advice is excellent, act on it and see where God takes you in this journey.

  • samantha welivita

    good luck to all

  • Phyll Gunn

    I agree with Joanne. Get hysterectomy ASAP. You will be put on estrogen. Just be careful because it has been proven to cause cancer. My sister-in-law had residual cancer left over from breast cancer for over 10 years, didn't know it, and was on a double dose of estrogen. Oncologist said it contributed to the recurring cancer and is giving her meds to get it out of her body. You do not have to take it. Just ask your doctor if it is safe for you.

  • Phyll Gunn

    She is Stage 4. Will pray for you and yours.

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Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button

Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button
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The Pinterest 2013 Holiday Giving Guide: Explore hand-picked gifts from Pinners and notable names like Queen Latifah, Andrew Zimmern and more. There's something for everyone on your list—from gardeners to gadget geeks!

2013 Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide (holidays)
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Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins
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Invite your pals on-the-go, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Invite your pals on-the-go
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10 Back to School Tips For Teachers, via the Official Pinterest Blog

10 Back to School Tips For Teachers
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Tell your family story on Pinterest , via the Official Pinterest Blog

Tell your family story on Pinterest

3 Ways To Pin With Friends, via the Official Pinterest Blog

3 Ways To Pin With Friends
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Pinning Tips For Father’s Day, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Pinning Tips For Father's Day

Get Inspiration From Friends, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Get Inspiration From Friends

Pin A Video!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Oh, How Pinteresting!, Pin A Video!
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Pinning Tip: Chrome Extension, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Easy Pinning From Google Chrome
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Pinning Tip: Find What You’re Searching For, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Find What You’re Searching For
  • Maryann Pietrelli

    Looking for fast and easy arts and crafts projects.

  • Jill Efting

    I also would love that feature

  • Glenda Sewell

    Everytime I search for something I have searched for before, it comes up with the same pins in the same order. What am I doing wrong? Or each category seems to be more limited now. As popular as this site is I can't imagine seeing this happen as much as it is.

  • Deb Mill

    Yes, I would also love a feature like that, that ..that the about commenter mentioned ..

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Pinning Tip: Button and Widget Builder, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Show Off Your Pins With Buttons & Widgets

Pinning Tip: Pin It Button for Browsers, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Pin It Button For Browsers
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Pinning Tip: Following on Pinterest, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Follow People And Boards You Love
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