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Remember that great idea you Pinned a while back and always meant to try? When you’re on the go, here’s an easier way to find things you’ve Pinned.

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The next time you find a Pin that looks interesting, take a look at who Pinned it. If you like what they’re Pinning, follow them to get their latest finds delivered to your home feed. For more tips about following, and how to fill your home feed with even more great stuff, just visit our Help Center.

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Our Help Center is the place to go for answers to any of your Pinterest questions—and it just got a makeover!

  • Riley Davis


  • Gretchen Zettler

    I have tried to find the pattern for November Crystal Birthstone Ornament Cover, and I cannot find it? Your site is very difficult to find anything! please help me!

  • Shelley Myers

    ALL OF MY LIKES ARE GONE!!! Please you have to get this and help me!

  • PRINCE aldous

    “Hey, I really like your board. Can I participate? Please, send me an invitation! Thank you so much!”

  • Angie Smith

    I was attacked and called a 'crass and rude Bitch' today. I like Pinterest because of the positive atmosphere, but if this type of horrible behavior isn't dealt with I will stop participating. This abusive language from this woman was done without provocation on my part. Please help.?

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Here's a tip! It's easier and faster than ever to save articles, blog posts, recipes, products and more with the Pin It button right from your browser.

Goodies | About Pinterest
  • Jessica Harris

    I can' seem to get the Pin It button. I click the + and click the "Pin It Button" link at the bottom of the list but then it sends me to a page that just has links for the mobile app and adding widgets to a web page. no pin it button for browser there! HELP

  • Stella O.

    I figured it out!! What u do is if there is a website that has the option to let you pin something then click that and it will ask you if u want a pin button

  • Bethany

    Hi, just wanted to say I love all of the new updates! :-)

  • cathy decker

    I thought I signed up some time ago but not able to pin - so now what

  • Jan Menke

    Why ask any questions? I don't get any answers, what's up Pinterest????

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Now, there’s no limit to the number of ways for you to plan, contemplate, practice and explore all the things you want to do. Go ahead, keep it a secret. We won’t tell.

More (and more!) secret boards
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Share your #PinYourResolution boards with friends!
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2014 Resolution tips from Pinners!

2014 Resolution tips from Pinners
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Survive your summer with these outdoor tips!
  • Linda Hyden

    Actually, you have to take a blood test and find out where all of your deficiencies are. For example, I had no estrogen coming in to my system and that is not good either so I am on estrogen, but it is compounded to meet my specific needs.

  • Joanne Lavallee

    Donna. My prayers are with you. I think Linda's advice is excellent, act on it and see where God takes you in this journey.

  • samantha welivita

    good luck to all

  • Phyll Gunn

    I agree with Joanne. Get hysterectomy ASAP. You will be put on estrogen. Just be careful because it has been proven to cause cancer. My sister-in-law had residual cancer left over from breast cancer for over 10 years, didn't know it, and was on a double dose of estrogen. Oncologist said it contributed to the recurring cancer and is giving her meds to get it out of her body. You do not have to take it. Just ask your doctor if it is safe for you.

  • Phyll Gunn

    She is Stage 4. Will pray for you and yours.

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Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button

Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button
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The Pinterest 2013 Holiday Giving Guide: Explore hand-picked gifts from Pinners and notable names like Queen Latifah, Andrew Zimmern and more. There's something for everyone on your list—from gardeners to gadget geeks!

2013 Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide (holidays)
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Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins
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Invite your pals on-the-go, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Invite your pals on-the-go
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10 Back to School Tips For Teachers, via the Official Pinterest Blog

10 Back to School Tips For Teachers

Tell your family story on Pinterest , via the Official Pinterest Blog

Tell your family story on Pinterest

3 Ways To Pin With Friends, via the Official Pinterest Blog

3 Ways To Pin With Friends
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Pinning Tips For Father’s Day, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Pinning Tips For Father's Day

Get Inspiration From Friends, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Get Inspiration From Friends

Pin A Video!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Oh, How Pinteresting!, Pin A Video!
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Pinning Tip: Chrome Extension, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Easy Pinning From Google Chrome
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Pinning Tip: Find What You’re Searching For, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Find What You’re Searching For
  • Jynx Di Iettura

    It would be so useful if you made it possible so that when someone is pinning something and the list of created boards show up - clicking a letter on the keyboard will move the appropriate board to the top of the list (Type the letter "Q", board entitled "Quotes" comes to the top of the list, with boards entitled "African Safari, Baking Class, Christmas Decor, etc.). Especially convenient if you have numerous boards, and would prefer to not scroll through the options.

  • Maryann Pietrelli

    Looking for fast and easy arts and crafts projects.

  • Jill Efting

    I also would love that feature

  • Glenda Sewell

    Everytime I search for something I have searched for before, it comes up with the same pins in the same order. What am I doing wrong? Or each category seems to be more limited now. As popular as this site is I can't imagine seeing this happen as much as it is.

  • Deb Mill

    Yes, I would also love a feature like that, that ..that the about commenter mentioned ..

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Pinning Tip: Button and Widget Builder, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Show Off Your Pins With Buttons & Widgets

Pinning Tip: Pin It Button for Browsers, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Pin It Button For Browsers
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Pinning Tip: Following on Pinterest, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Follow People And Boards You Love
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Pinning Tip: How To’s & Instant Answers, via the Official Pinterest Blog

How To's & Instant Answers
  • Nancy Lenson

    Permanent Marker, Yes! Have a FEW handy and be sure to tell them ALL, FIRST!!!

  • Jana Williams

    Thank You Shellie! Why does everything Got to be So Complicated? Why can't they just have a Button you can push to keep People from Binge Pinning? I am In No Way a Pin Ogre, it's just that Sometimes People will pin a Ton of My Pins in One Day! About a Month ago Someone Pinned 51 of my Pins in a Matter of Minutes! Where's the Originality in that? Thanks Again, Shellie & Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  • Trisha Hoque

    Trisha Hoque Does anyone know how to delete pins from your own boards that are posted by others.....ON MOBILE....such as ipad or samsung note 3 ....its simple to delete on a laptop but whats the way to do it on mobile?

  • Jana Williams

    I Know they say when you delete a Board it's Final but I am Pissed b/c Pinterest Literally Messed Up! I don't know how but I had 2 Boards with the Word "Jewelry" in the Title and I went to Delete One of them and it Deleted the Wrong One! I Know For a Fact that I Did Not Mess Up, I Paid Careful Attention! I Know Sometimes when I get On Pinterest it will Have Older Titles on my Boards; When I Change the Name of a Board Sometimes it will show the Older Names? Any Ideas? Thanks So Much!

  • Maverick Q

    Guys u must chkout, This is a very powerful tool for anyone pursuing big business succcess I wish I found this years back..

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Pinning Tip: Group Boards, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Pin With Friends Using Group Boards
  • S S

    Hi Julie, as far as I know you just pin it to any of your Boards, and people can read and re pin it if they want to keep it or re share it...was that what you meant?

  • Sandi Lopez

    Hi, Julie and SS: If it is an existing picture from your phone, look for the "+" option, and tap. It should say, Choose Existing' etc. From an article, try and find your options (mine is upper right) and click on Share Page. Hopefully, you will get a Pin It button and click. Articles can be tricky. You can't pin some stuff. Hope this helps :-)

  • The Dancing Spirit Studio

    Follow me, I follow .....Belly Dance for ages 5 - 95 yrs taught here http://www.thedancingspirit...

  • Sandi Lopez

    Sorry TDSS. I get advertising spam

  • S S

    Thanks Sandi!

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