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  • Halli Phifer

    Yard sale/lemonade stands now today 2460 S Nolting Ave

  • Robin Matthews

    I'm new to Pinterest. So, what this looks like to me is that I have people-who I chose to follow--collecting things for me. Sounds like a great way to save time! (Also, I can't possibly look at even 20% of what I want to check out in Pinterest. Others help me sort thru it)

  • Joan Collins

    Pinterest, it would be helpful if you could make it easier to find the people we follow!

  • Glenda Rieck

    Why do some pins list as the source but when you try to go to the site they go NOWHERE ? Help

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Our Help Center is the place to go for answers to any of your Pinterest questions—and it just got a makeover!

  • Linda Moses

    Doylene, I clicked on your pin button, for you don't have a picture, and your boards all popped up. I have a tweety bird picture, where you just have a pin, which is perfectly fine. So click on that pin by your name and your boards will show

  • Doylene Gloe

    Hi Linda, I have the pictures! When you haver over the picture instead of the heart (like) I have the pencil (edit) on my Pins board to the far left! Thanks for your help.

  • Vicki

    Hi Linda, Thank you so much for responding! There is really a problem with my Jewelry board! I do not know if it's been hacked or what? There is a HUGE map there, and only a small side view has my pins, plus there are dozens of pins I did not put there? Was I hacked? Should I close it, and start all over? I copied the link to it, perhaps you could see it this way? Thanks again, Vicki here's the link:

  • Linda Moses

    I saw the map change your location in settings. That map shows where you r coming from. When you add a new board at the bottom after u name your board, it ask if you wish to show location, turn that off before you hit create new board.

  • Glenda Rieck

    Why do some pins list as the source but when you try to go to the site they go NOWHERE ? Help

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Here's a tip! It's easier and faster than ever to save articles, blog posts, recipes, products and more with the Pin It button right from your browser.

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  • Brandi hanvy

    They have the PinIt Button for iPad and tablets! I like it because when I see a pin I like in email and when I click on it I get sent straight to safari on my iPad ! It shows the app above which I have but rarely use because if I open the app that appears above in safari to pin that certain pin it loses the pin and starts at my home page! So I find myself using the PinIt button and safari a lot more then the app!!

  • Stella O.

    how do you get a Pin Button?

  • Jessica Harris

    I can' seem to get the Pin It button. I click the + and click the "Pin It Button" link at the bottom of the list but then it sends me to a page that just has links for the mobile app and adding widgets to a web page. no pin it button for browser there! HELP

  • Stella O.

    I figured it out!! What u do is if there is a website that has the option to let you pin something then click that and it will ask you if u want a pin button

  • Bethany

    Hi, just wanted to say I love all of the new updates! :-)

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Now, there’s no limit to the number of ways for you to plan, contemplate, practice and explore all the things you want to do. Go ahead, keep it a secret. We won’t tell.

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  • Bonnie Sunday

    Oh, Courtney you made my day seems as age does not enter into these problems we are having. Thank the Lord above. Maybe Pinterest will listen since it is universal, not us old people.

  • Bonnie Sunday

    Margaret Clay you do not have any pins on your boards. Do you mean you do not know how to get the pins on your boards or something else?

  • Betty Khan

    i don't get pins every week , why ?

  • Marie Nicholson

    How do you e-mail a pin from your board?

  • Marie Nicholson

    I should add Microsoft Office.

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Share your #PinYourResolution boards with friends!
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2014 Resolution tips from Pinners!

2014 Resolution tips from Pinners
  • Betsy Zalewski

    Betsy Zalewski I would like to know how I can post one of my own pictures of my dog onto one of my boards.

  • Maria cecilia Mino de Cobo

    algunos tableros (borders)

  • Maria cecilia Mino de Cobo

    tengo interesantes boards o tableros ,quiziera guardarlos como referencia para mirarlos en otro momento como puedo guardar mis tableros y por cuanto tiempo, por favor necesito ayuda y como hacerlo paso a paso, soy una Pinnealcoholic me encanta.

  • Boite Mails

    The gray background can be modified ?

  • Dancing Daisy (Hunter)

    Betsy there should be a + some where on your screen or a pin symbol press it and you should understand it from there

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Survive your summer with these outdoor tips!
  • Linda Hyden

    Actually, you have to take a blood test and find out where all of your deficiencies are. For example, I had no estrogen coming in to my system and that is not good either so I am on estrogen, but it is compounded to meet my specific needs.

  • Joanne Lavallee

    Donna. My prayers are with you. I think Linda's advice is excellent, act on it and see where God takes you in this journey.

  • samantha welivita

    good luck to all

  • Phyll Gunn

    I agree with Joanne. Get hysterectomy ASAP. You will be put on estrogen. Just be careful because it has been proven to cause cancer. My sister-in-law had residual cancer left over from breast cancer for over 10 years, didn't know it, and was on a double dose of estrogen. Oncologist said it contributed to the recurring cancer and is giving her meds to get it out of her body. You do not have to take it. Just ask your doctor if it is safe for you.

  • Phyll Gunn

    She is Stage 4. Will pray for you and yours.

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Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button

Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button
  • Val M

    How do I stop the notification emails?

  • Joanne Lavallee

    I think through your settings. You can let them know how often you want to receive notifications.

  • Renee Hughart

    Joanne Lavallee: Thanks for the answer. I can now change items on the page with your help. Now, I need to know how I got my 2 winter pictures onto Pinterest. I had those on a different computer. I 'assume' I then put them on this computer & then to Pinterest. If you or anyone else that reads this can help, please?

  • eigenwijzekamer

    Hi there. I am just starting Pinterest and has te learn a lot more. On my website there is a Pinterest board of mine showed at my home page . I like to change this bord into one that is more like my website ( shop). How can i change that board?

  • Renee Hughart

    Goodness, I am nit sure. I will ask my granddaughter Amanda Marie, she might be able to help us. Young people get this 'stuff' better than we do. First, try going to & in search put in the name you have for interest. Will get back to you.

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The Pinterest 2013 Holiday Giving Guide: Explore hand-picked gifts from Pinners and notable names like Queen Latifah, Andrew Zimmern and more. There's something for everyone on your list—from gardeners to gadget geeks!

2013 Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide (holidays)
  • Nathan Sims

    please follow me

  • Seven Cool Stuff

    I pinned items to my boards moments ago but the number of pins on my boards were not moving they remained the same. Pls tell me what's wrong. Thanks.

  • Pat Steiner

    I am not receiving pins and often unable to send...I am getting notifcation of likes/repins, what is going on????

  • Charlene Taylor

    I see something I want on my board I push pin it's not sticking on my board. My items are on some big board with other people pins. I don't know what I'm doing yet.

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Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins
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Invite your pals on-the-go, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Invite your pals on-the-go
  • Jan Brinkman

    When you find that you have a pin on a board that you wish were on a different board, find the pin you don't want there, click on the pencil in the right corner. Your pin will come up as well your menu of board headings. Highlight the board you want the pin on and click on "save changes" in the bottom right corner. Hope this helps

  • Warner

    How do I post my business on pinterest so everyone can see it as well as my web site.

  • Mickey Parker

    So I see others asking the question how do you move pins from one board to another? How do you??

  • Audrey Dorsett

    I would like to use Pinterest on my website. How can I do that? Can I use someone else's pin on my site?

  • Reba Phillips

    How do I add contacts to my Pinterest contact list?

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10 Back to School Tips For Teachers, via the Official Pinterest Blog

10 Back to School Tips For Teachers
  • Doris Chachere

    I am looking for 1st grade activities for sequence and common nouns.

  • Stephanie Nudd

    I am looking for ideas for a class project that can be make for a school carnival.

  • Dawn Westover

    My favorite sequencing is with pictures form the wordless Meercer Myer books. i.e. "A Boy A Dog and a Frog"

Tell your family story on Pinterest , via the Official Pinterest Blog

Tell your family story on Pinterest

3 Ways To Pin With Friends, via the Official Pinterest Blog

3 Ways To Pin With Friends
  • Angela Field

    I was wondering if you have thought about adding a board scramble and possibly listing the boards for easy organization on a side bar or something. The click and drag makes it hard to bring new boards up to the top. Anyway... love your work!! Thank you!!

  • Pat Steiner

    I am receiving notification of others pinning/liking my pins but now unable to send or receive pins. So discouraged....have refreshed, updated and still no pins going out or coming in. Any help?

  • Cathy Caldwell

    Ditto to what Angela said. It is too hard to move the boards around to put them in numerical order and alphabetical order.

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Pinning Tips For Father’s Day, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Pinning Tips For Father's Day

Get Inspiration From Friends, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Get Inspiration From Friends

Pin A Video!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Oh, How Pinteresting!, Pin A Video!
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Pinning Tip: Chrome Extension, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Easy Pinning From Google Chrome
  • dww25921 on Zazzle

    Is there a way I can get the HTML code to pin directly to blog?

  • Thumlin Bharat Hando


  • Sharyn

    I have a Jewelry wish list board that has things from Etsy. Is it advertising for me to show their name? Is that why I seem to be "blocked"? There are no notifications coming in. HELP ASAP!!

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Pinning Tip: Find What You’re Searching For, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Find What You’re Searching For
  • Jynx Di Iettura

    It would be so useful if you made it possible so that when someone is pinning something and the list of created boards show up - clicking a letter on the keyboard will move the appropriate board to the top of the list (Type the letter "Q", board entitled "Quotes" comes to the top of the list, with boards entitled "African Safari, Baking Class, Christmas Decor, etc.). Especially convenient if you have numerous boards, and would prefer to not scroll through the options.

  • Maryann Pietrelli

    Looking for fast and easy arts and crafts projects.

  • Jill Efting

    I also would love that feature

  • Glenda Sewell

    Everytime I search for something I have searched for before, it comes up with the same pins in the same order. What am I doing wrong? Or each category seems to be more limited now. As popular as this site is I can't imagine seeing this happen as much as it is.

  • Deb Mill

    Yes, I would also love a feature like that, that ..that the about commenter mentioned ..

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Pinning Tip: Button and Widget Builder, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Show Off Your Pins With Buttons & Widgets

Pinning Tip: Pin It Button for Browsers, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Pin It Button For Browsers
  • Inception System

    that's really handy

  • Leslie Barish

    How do you get Pin It button on to toolbar? It doesn't drag.

  • Curtis Hinton

    Gimmie, Gimmie :)

  • Chrissy

    no hope of getting the pin button have tried everything Always "error on page"When we join why is the option of a pin button not accessible from profile page?

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Pinning Tip: Following on Pinterest, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Follow People And Boards You Love
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Pinning Tip: How To’s & Instant Answers, via the Official Pinterest Blog

How To's & Instant Answers
  • Linda

    Shellie, I guess I am looking for their page not boards. I know the boards can be found on their page. I am having trouble finding their page. I just went to google to find Paula Deens Pinterest page. I thought there might be an easier way within Pinteres. So appreciate you taking the time to help me!

  • Jana Williams

    I have a problem with people copying my whole board! I'm not a selfish pin prude, I put a lot of time & energy into them! I don't mind people pinning a couple, some people pin everything! I don't want my board private; I don't mind people looking at my board! Does anyone know how to keep others from pinning from your boards? I looked it up on Pinterest, it gave me a code to type into the section on one of my pages! What is the head section section? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  • Madonna Troxell

    family is coming for the fourth of july and I am looking for an economical way to mark plastic drink cups

  • Shellie Morrison

    Jana- the information you found on Pinterest applies to websites, blogs, and such. For instance FB allows no pinning. The head section they're talking about has to do with codes and configurations. To give you an example: right click on this page, underneath 'Translate to English' you'll see 'View page source'. That is where you'd find the head section on the homepage of a site. Unfortunately there is not much you can do except block people who binge pin from your boards.

  • Linda

    Madonna, we always just write our names on our plastic cups with a permanent marker. Hope that helps.

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Pinning Tip: Group Boards, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Pin With Friends Using Group Boards
  • Sandi Lopez

    I still have so many things to learn about Pinterest--after a year and a half! You are welcome :-)

  • S S

    Me too! I'm still a newbie really, only became fully addicted (ha.. oh yes!) to Pinterest about 3 -4 months there a main site somewhere with all the in's and out's of Pinterest or do you just ask and hope someone will help? thanks! :)

  • Sandi Lopez

    If you go to Search, type in 'Pinterest,' and then tap the Boards (instead of pins) option. I think that should lead you to how-to do things on Pinterest. I am not a pro at that! Have fun :-)

  • Sandi Lopez

    Plus, ask me if you'd like!

  • S S

    Thanks so much Sandi I appreciate your help.. :)

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