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For @Brandon De Jong vintage scooters are a lifelong passion. He’s had over 35 Lambretta scooters, and spends hours restoring them with custom parts. When he’s not out on the open road, you can find Brandon building bikes in his garage with his young son or planning his next project. What’s your Pinterest story? Don’t be shy—we’d love to hear from you.

  • Bari Yunt

    Hello dear Pinterest! I just want to ask is there any problem with your network? Every second pin i try to open it says that the link is blocked! A lot of very big and authority websites that are 5 6 years old are blocked for spam! I really can't believe that they really spam! If i go to search or some of the categories there are so many blocked links! I can see any project I'm interested of! Why is this happen?

  • 《ellie davis》

    Hi Pinterest! I love this website, but I have a small complaint. The other day, I logged on and my username was changed to my old username (I changed it to something newer.) I attempted to change it back, but it said "that username is already in use." My description and profile picture were also changed to my old ones. The same thing happened to my friend @Reagan Justice Everdeen™ . Could you try to fix this please? Thank you!

  • Reagan Justice Everdeen™

    There are some major bugs. Please try to fix it in the next update!

  • 《ellie davis》

    Yes! Please do!

  • JayneGenie

    I have the same problem. Have emailed support but no response.

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Its Pride Month and here at Pinterest were proud to celebrate the diversity of our community!

  • Bo$sLaydee

    Hi Pinterest. I just want to say I love your website and im a pinnaholic... I was just wondering if you can add a status bar like facebook has so we can tell people what were doing or how were feeling. I think it will make it to were its more friendly than ever and we can talk to our followers and get to know them. I'm not trying to tell you what to do it was just a suggestion ;) Love you lots

  • goodbraty

    @Pinterest when i click FOLLOWING i see interest pinners and boards , this feature is very good but how to add interests in it ?

  • Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt

    Dear Pinterest ??not sure whom I should be talking with but I am so sad I have just seen that u have removed a board from my secret boards which I thought were secret bu apparently not I am new to computer and Pinterest and was trying to find a way to move these images to a private file of my own.

  • Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt

    I have yet to work out how to do this.i am wondering if there is any way to get my board back if u remove the offending pin ,pins????please help as I do not want to lose my board.i would really appreciate a reply or call etc to let me know what to do???!!!thanx.

  • Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt

    Also I am trying to delete pins myself but am unable it says error on our side so please be patient with me deleting.and please do not suspend me I am trying to get this all sorted.and please please give my board back minus offending pin,s.i am sorry. Shall try to be better.

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We recently made a handy new feature for people with Android devices. In Pinterest for Android v3.0, we’ll notify you when you’re near a place you’ve Pinned. And if you’re on the go with a brand new Android wearable, you’ll get a notification there, too!

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Pinner Portrait: Watch @Brandon De Jong give new life to old rides. What’s your Pinterest story? Don’t be shy—we’d love to hear from you.

  • Veronica mccoy

    Everyone has a gift this is his

  • Bashful

    I know that. That's not what I meant I meant my blog that's lost


    Hi Brandon I really enjoyed your story! I have to say my favorite part was the insight of your Relationship with your Son! It really touched me how you were with him in the video! You seem to be an awesome Dad and Person. Thanks for the Inspiration. Cindy

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The next time you find a Pin that looks interesting, take a look at who Pinned it. If you like what they’re Pinning, follow them to get their latest finds delivered to your home feed. For more tips about following, and how to fill your home feed with even more great stuff, just visit our Help Center.


    Problems with my account it changed my username description website and profile pic plz answer now

  • Halli Phifer

    Yard sale/lemonade stands now today 2460 S Nolting Ave

  • Robin Matthews

    I'm new to Pinterest. So, what this looks like to me is that I have people-who I chose to follow--collecting things for me. Sounds like a great way to save time! (Also, I can't possibly look at even 20% of what I want to check out in Pinterest. Others help me sort thru it)

  • Joan Collins

    Pinterest, it would be helpful if you could make it easier to find the people we follow!

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What's one thing you've always wanted to try?

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Where would you go if you hit the open road?

  • ʟucyyy

    PLEASE READ THIS! There is a girl on here that has been cyberbullying a girl named Caitlyn (her username is caitlynrmadams). The bully has set up two accounts dedicated to telling Caitlyn to kill herself. Please do something about this!! I know a lot of people who have reported the bully's account. Caitlyn is now suicidal and I believe that these users have a big part in that.

  • ʟucyyy

    The two users usernames are ihatecaitlynr and laurenstroff. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at what they are pinning and do something about it!

  • kiki

    Hey Pinterest please delete @Cali Is A Slut she's telling girls to kill themselves. Please report her she might cause someone to actually take their life

  • Maximus

    YEah pinterest you need to start deleting the annoying accounts

  • Jim Hill

    Where ever understanding could safely take me lanquage being the only barrier.

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The search that turned the backyard into a wonderland

  • Lydia Solis

    I see you have a variety of topics. I've pinned some of them, but I have no clue how to access what I have pinned!

  • Lily Garay-Rubio

    Lydia solis have you figured out how to see your pins?.... just click your name (corner) it'll take you to your profile with all your boards, there you can click what board you'd like to see or click on "pins" or " likes" to see them all in order from recently pined/liked to oldest.... Hope this helps ... Happy pinning

  • Lily Garay-Rubio

    Forgot to mention they also appear in your "home feed" with other pins from people you follow and related pins...

  • Lydia Solis

    Thank you, Lily. That helped. I'm still trying to learn. I get an email called Just A Pinch, with recipes. It says Pin It on it. I've pinned a bunch, but it isn't on my Pinterest. If it is, it's not showing up.

  • Lily Garay-Rubio

    Are you using the app or the site?.... It's different settings... But when you're adding a pin from a site it works better if you use the "add a pin" button or plus sign then click on add from website , copy and paste the website's URL and chose what you'd like to pin....

How would you add a little magic to Saturday morning?

Aha moment 3214: Your afternoon hike in the woods could last the whole weekend.

Where would you spend the night under the stars?

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The search that turned an afternoon hike into a night in the trees

Aha moment 455: Your perfect plant doesn't need to be watered.

The search that turned a BBQ into a block party

  • Ben Silbermann

    when you type into the search box, you should see a slider that lets you switch between pins, boards, and people. Try that to see if it works for you!

  • Bailey Shade

    Yep guess i was just typing to fast or not paying attention thanks

  • Ben Silbermann

    We'll working on making it better in the future Bailey. Thanks for trying it out!

  • Jim Hill

    Broutherly Love concers all optsticals

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Aha moment 8030: You're ready for a new way to start your day.

  • Jen B

    I updated then I had guided search, then it was gone. Went back to the playstore and it said update, so I did it again and at the moment I have guided search.

  • Ben Silbermann

    There are some folks who will be getting it a little bit later as we make improvements. I'm sorry for the delay, but we hope to have it to everybody very soon!

  • Grace Marie

    Ok thanks!

  • Bridgett Marcum

    Got it & Love it!

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Aha moment 237: If you build it, they will come.

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What would you build to bring your friends together?

A search made for road warriors

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After a search for shaves, he said goodbye to the beard

  • Rebecca May

    Most of the fun was seeing what was pinned. Bad move.

  • Sarah barnes

    The lock is off I think :(

  • Shellie Morrison

    How interesting.. It seems that Pinterest has changed the character restriction on comments from 250 to 500. It's not unlimited but I guess it's better than nothing. Too bad they still won't tell us why they changed the notifications and the limit on comments.

  • Sarah barnes

    Pinterest are just ignorant!!!

  • Shellie Morrison

    I have made a pin requesting help to create a Community Forum. Possibly a Community profile with boards that reflect hot topics being discussed here and there. The here and there part is Why we need the forum. Even thought Pinterest has their "official" boards must of the time they don't do us Any good. I'm asking for help because I have no clue how to proceed. Could you please go to my boards and share the pin? You can find it on my Pinterest board I just recently started.

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What if you finally fixed up that scooter? Or said goodbye to the beard? Or spent the night in the trees? Watch a few of our favorite Guided Search moments.

Introducing Guided Search: Find what you're looking for and make a few discoveries along the way

  • zeca Godar

    É isso tem que ter contato com varias culturas.

  • Monica

    I want to see pins from other countries too. Is there a way to do that?

  • Emma

    ********* HELLPPPP******* This feature will not work on my phone!!! It hasn't showed up... I've updated Pinterest when there are smaller updates like bug fixes and redownloaded. I need this to be fixed!!!

  • Boite Mails

    easy to search !

  • JessLynn Chase

    This is not my favorite update. I miss being able to switch between pins/board/pinner without having to back out and retype my search. (iPhone user)

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Introducing Guided Search: Find what you're looking for and make a few discoveries along the way.

  • Joanna May

    @Pinterest and yet we can't comment more than 250 words on anything? Why has this limit been introduced and the complaints not responded to?

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