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Sign up for a Pinterest business account at business.pinteres.... Once you do, you'll get access to the latest news and product updates so you can get the most out of Pinterest for your business.

Love Pinterest? Try using it to grow your business. You can quickly create a business account to get access to analytics, Promoted Pins, business-tailored support and the latest news and tips. business.pinteres...

  • MEEMab

    I think personal accounts should have access to analytics... it would encourage people to use @Pinterest for businesses too, if they see what they could get from it!

  • N & NJ

    Can I convert to business by mobile or Ipad or i should do it on pc

  • Pinterest for Business

    You can convert on mobile browsers and definitely on PC. Simply click through on this Pin.

  • Richard Yates Real Estate

    I just converted to Pinterest for Business. I've been pinning for a while (6000+ Pins), but it's now time to get serious and create a Pinterest Business Plan. Wish me luck and I'll appreciate any guidance and insights that you're willing to provide.

Switch to a business account and get access to analytics, Promoted Pins, business-tailored support and the latest tips from Pinterest. (Don't worry: you won't lose any of your Pins or boards and it only takes 2 minutes!)

Pinterest for businesses: visit the official site for best practices, case studies, and more.

  • Max Firmin

    Pinterest for Business

  • Creative Cafes

    business feature/widgets don't seem to be compatible with Mr Site DIY websites; or am I missing something?

  • labellabasketsbytwila

    How do you make business account?

  • Warner Carter

    I wish it was possible for pinners who are not spammers and love Pinterest to use affiliate links. I don't think it is fair a few big companies can pin affiliate links but not others. I am against spam as much as anyone and understand Pinterest needs to help protect us from them but maybe there could be an approval method or some technology that can still keep out spammers while allowing decent people to use affiliate links..

  • Tamar Laser Craft

    Exactly what is supposed to happen when I add the pin widget thing to my website? I wasn't clear on what to expect before I started and I didn't expect what I got. It seemed to take over my page completely. Is that right? Is there definitive and detailed information anywhere that says what happens on screen? Confused? Yes.

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Heather Cleveland of Organized Interiors has been working as a residential designer for over 15 years. See how she uses Pinterest to collaborate with her clients to achieve uncompromising style.

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  • Cynthia Jackson,cjn a new art teaching website still under construction.

  • Perrin Lam

    Visit, at the corner of retro and modern, 1/2 a block from serious...

  • met


  • Chris Shaw

  • met

    I just tell you what mean etsy in Greek it is something we use just only for your information this is not a shop congratulations for your site and just tell me in what field you work sorry who I cannot understand but we interest if you working for old books

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As the world’s largest digital food brand, Allrecipes helps aspiring home cooks connect around shared food experiences.

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