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  • Nancy Ferns

    Can you retrieve a board deleted in error and if so how

  • Shellie Morrison

    Nancy Ferns - this is the information in Pinterest help regarding deleting a board: "When you delete a board, all the Pins on that board are deleted as well. We can't restore deleted Pins or boards, so be careful! "

  • Shellie Morrison

    If you have anymore questions regarding Pinterest (ANYTHING). If you want to share information (Something happens to you and you find a way to fix it) or there is a hot topic being discussed (When the changed our notifications recently) You can do so one the COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD FOR ALL PINNERS that I started. It's a group board on my personal profile. There were many people like yourself that agreed we needed one since Pinterest doesn't answer questions.

  • Shellie Morrison

    You can get to it by clicking on my name and you'll see it. If you follow the board - other than getting answer to your questions - you'll receive as much up-to-date information that the other group members and I are able to find.

  • Nancy Ferns

    Thank you for your answer I will now have to try and rebuild

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"Inside Pinterest's New San Francisco Offices" feature by Office Snapshots on 12.19.13

Lego Land | California Home + Design

  • Kim Brown

    Mindy this would be a great wall for toy room and way to store legos.

Creative Space | California Home + Design

  • Lisa Blum-Minkel

    You Californian creatives have a thing with post its, don't you ? ;-) Love it !


Team Photo

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Ben starts the presentation // by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

Our brand new iPad app! by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

  • MaryCris Gonzales

    Will it ever be possible to have the "Preview! Explore Interest" on the mobile version? I love that feature!!!

The Team! // by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

  • G R

    Wish there was a way to send you an impotant message.

  • G R

    My message is about the Mother's Day Challenge you have sent out. Did it ever occur to you that some of our mothers have already passed away? There also are those who weren't fortunate to have a mother. When you send out challenge emails to everyone you need to be mindful and considerate of their possible life situations. Thanks for listening.

  • G R

    I just posted a comment about the Mothets Day Challenge and when I viewed it it said the comment was added 3 months ago. You really need to fix all the problems with your program.

Succulent cupcakes - these were a huge hit at our party! by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

Michelle and Aubrey being silly by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

Evan Sharp introduces mobile apps by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

It's pumpkin carving time here at Pinterest!