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Laptop backpack

Herschel | Herschel Settlement Backpack at ASOS
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For on time meetings

Bai Design 8" Landmark Studio Wall Clock | Wayfair

Ergonomic balance ball chair for healthy working habits

Gaiam Black Ergonomic Balance Ball Chair
  • Leather Monster Plush Toy Art for Kids

    This would make a grand sewing chair for me!!

  • Jodi Isbister

    I have never seen this chair! Reading the comments was so helpful & seems all are happy to have a chair that helps the body. I cant wait to buy mine!

  • Washington Capital

    There's a lot of great reasons to have the chair even if even new converts are likely to take the ball out and closet the frame. If you're doing anything but staring straight ahead it is really nice to have the chair frame either hold the ball steady or let the ball move around without squeaking outrageously loudly or trying to cobra-wrap your legs with your skirt. This latter problem is of course easily solved by a global moratorium on non-ergonomic clothing.

  • San Pancho Rentals

    I have used this chair for years, would not use anything else.

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For testing our Android app

Xperia ZL | XZLC6506/

Coloring keyboards

iStickr Removable Keyboard Decals - Urban Outfitters
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Zinc cafe chairs for the rooftop

Zinc Cafe Chair
  • Pamela Batchelor

    I just spray painted some pine ones silver, they look great.

  • myrtha lucchini

    me gusta mucho

  • LABE Shops

    The HGTV Green Home 2013 in Jacksonville, FL had these chairs (or very similar ones) on the patio. When I took the tour before it was given away, I asked the tour guide "Don't those chairs get super hot in the Florida sun?" and she said "Very! We cannot use them during the day at all". Definitely think Pamela Batchelor's idea of painting wood ones are a much better idea!

  • BeagleCakesArt

    simple is the way to go

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Basketball net for indoor hoops

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UltraThin leather iPad cases for the mobile team

UltraThin Leather iPad Envelelope
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Biking to work in style

Free People Brooks Eyelet Bike Saddle
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For the pinfants!

  • Geecko Web Design

    Clever and cute

  • Customisables

    Visit our page in storenvy to see what lovely onesies we have instore for you and what more we can customise! we love 'decorating' baby onesies, prices at 15-17 USD, if you send us a 'happy customer' photo wearing our onesie you are automatically be eligible for a 20% discount on your next order! Plus we respect all personal data and we never reveal faces of cute little babies, we only post them like that!

  • Simply Smart Kids

    This is adorable!

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Hair products for the ladies room

KIND Mini Bars via REI. We love snacks.

KIND Mini Bars Variety Pack - 12 count
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Sperry | Sperry Topsider Boat Shoes at ASOS
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Business as usual iPhone case

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iPhone 5 Back Up Case & Cover

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Reclaimed table for creative workshops

  • Sue Brown

    let's meet in Portland Maine ............... the city of my birth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great wk end everyone ............ i'm working on my fall exhibits already ..... have already dehydrated one thousand manderin oranges .............:)

  • Connie Livingway

    Let's NOT let Pinterest become Facebook. Seriously, why the nasty remarks back and forth..

  • Donna Dempsey

    Agree with Connie

  • The Portable Baby

    It's not made from any old wood, it's made from teak, which is an endangered tropical hardwood. So if you think you are going to make a new teak table for less than this, think again. Nor should you. This species needs to recover.

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San Francisco T-Shirt

The Social Dept. — San Francisco Survival Kit

Nerf N-Strike Blaster

Walmart: Nerf N-Strike Blaster, Maverick
  • Phyllis Vass Joiner

    I would like to address the text I've just read if that's OK, I do like the nurf blaster, Not called a gun at all, also if you don't want a child to point a weapon at you just tell them, That is what I was taught as a child 6/7 because we loved playing with them.

  • Harry Shamir

    Phyllis: same here, yet I continued doing so when I could get away with it. It took me most of my life to understand how that prepared me to be a soldier (during service), and former willingness to shoot a thief while s/he's running away. Kathy: pls reread your text. You transformed my " few that might" into "homicidal maniacs". Uncalled for, ad portrays willingness to warp arguments for the sake of scoring points. You are also xforming a debate over something real and tangible into ad hominem.

  • Jarosław Cieślik

    It's really good toy

  • Harry Shamir

    The better the toy, the better the brainwashing.

  • Steve Coffman

    Excellent toy

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ASOS | ASOS Onesie at ASOS
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LEGO Hobbit

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