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These special Valentine Pins were handmade by us and a few of our designer friends. Send them to anyone you like, or LIKE like.

Pin by Ana Todd and Evany Thomas,

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Designed by Samia Ahmed, • Written by Kim O'Rourke,

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"Let's start a secret board together" pinned by Long Cheng and Evany Thomas,

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Designed by Jessica Hische, • Written by Evany Thomas,

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  • Elena Pettigrew

    Love love the design and everything about it! This one has my vote

  • Aspen Jensen

    Haha this is true, happy valentines day ;)

  • Bethenia Dixon

    What? Is that a shutter for a window? Bicycles built for shutter are easier to ride anyway?

  • Meagan Smyre

    It's the number one. "Bicycles built for 1 are easier to ride anyway" (It's a play on the song "Daisy Bell" (Bicycle Built for Two) )

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Pin by Tim Belonax, Analog Research Lab, • Written by MacKenzie Geidt,

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  • Danielle Barber

    We shouldn't wish hell on anyone. There are science books out there that prove carbon dating can be easily flawed, that it is impossible for our bodies to have just evolved, and many more amazing things. If you are seriously looking for proof, check them out. There have been many times throughout history that people didn't believe in something that was later shown to be true. All I'm saying is we can't disprove it and you can't force your faith on people. They have to find it for themselves.

  • Cheri Jones

    im not forcing my faith on anyone it was just my opinion, all I am saying is we have been given freewill to choose the path we should go and with that the book is closed moving on to better and more lovelier things.

  • Janet

    I was a faithful believer sheep for 30 years. You haven't said anything I haven't heard hundreds, if not thousands of times before. I'm not buying it. The Christain god is a genocidal megalomaniac that I wouldn't worship if you paid me. Thousands of deities have been worshipped throughout history, yet YOU have the right one. *lol*

  • Mary Sandmeier

    Hmmm, can't report this post as offensive. Too bad. Take your rants to Cr@igslist. This crap doesn't belong here.Shame on you, Pintererest!

  • Harris Powell

    You dem's, are so eloquent with all your vulgar hate filled words. Why don't you buy a dictionary and learn the proper way to vent your atheistic garbage??

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Pin by Morgan Keys and Sadia Latifi,

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Pin by Ash Huang and Sadia Latifi,

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