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Find out interesting facts about Pinterest and Social Media. Got a fabulous social media or Pinterest marketing story to share? Provide links and tell us about it.

Politicians, Political Campaigns + Social Media = What sites will they use? Possibly Pinterest?

The Rapid Rise of Pinerest Continues. Infograph of Pinterest Statistics.

How much should you be paying for social media positions? Here's an info graph to bring things into focus.

Social TV Chart showing which TV shows generate social buzz. Which ones are most surprising to you?

How much do sports fans love social media? Mashable's awesome infograph brings it all into perspective for business marketers to take advantage of.

Interesting Pinterest Information on an easy to understand infograph. What's the most interesting part to you?

  • Frances Bergen

    Sharing of ideas through photos. " A picture is worth a thousand words". Would rather look at photos than alot of text,