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Pinterest, You Are Drunk

I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet: Leonard Nimoy Christmas Bigfoot Sweater

The Idle Man Lookbook

  • Z

    What's with the sweater and basketball shorts?

  • Gia Zimmelli

    He looks like he's trying really hard to remember what he forgot. Hint: it's your pants.

  • Z

    Yes! Or it's Christmas morning and his grandmother made him this sweater he hates.

  • TheFunnyBeaver.Com

    Can I get an invite to pin here pleae? :)

  • Exclusive Feeds

    Hi!! Ide love too get an invite too this board please, thanks so much in advance if you can!! :):)

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What a wonderful day to be a car!

They do not care at all? - NoWayGirl

disturbing? hilarious? sad? you decide..

  • Felix Dipodomys

    Allow me to say it first: Check, Check, and Check! (oh man, I ALMOST missed my Oxford Comma :])

  • Katie Pippel

    Extra credit for invoking the Oxford comma in the comments.

eternally tanned..

  • Olivia

    This is actually pretty good! Wouldn't you think twice about getting into a tanning bed if it resembled a coffin?

Francois-Marie Banier - "Paris, Juin 1994", 2005. [you should see the one who wore pineapples..]

I hope you're happy cause you just broke physics

One more step to becoming a cat lady in my old age.

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omg...this made me laugh...

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"Tattoo Fail" `

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