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A good reminder - confidence building, anxiety, fear, self esteem

Some of my thoughts on haters | hand lettering by seanwes

Learn to say "No" from time to time.

Free Printable: Helpful Ways To Say…NO

Social Skills - Conversation Starters

Social Skills - Conversation Starters

Grammar: Subordinating Conjunctions list. Great explanation of the difference between coordinating and subordinating conj.

50 Subordinating Conjunctions and Why They Matter

Summer is coming soon, and it will be time to beach it. Here are some great tips for ensuring the best beach day ever, plus the chance to win $100!

How to Have the Best Beach Day Ever! (A $100 Giveaway)

NEWSFLASH: you are definitely wearing the wrong size bra. This guide to bra fit will change your life.

The neat thing is, you can change internally by changing externally. Become confident by acting confident. Like power posing; fake it 'til you make it, and you'll find that you will make it.

The 30-day Creative Business Cleanse - by Regina [for bloggers // creative businesses // and you]

Good to know...

Tea Table Setting

Your always growing