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Handmade Coasters - use scrapbook paper, fabric, or my favorite, a fun photo.

Crimson mums with white pumpkins as planters will look gorgeous on my front steps

lanterns - $5 - Ikea They look really good for a baby shower and they would be great for like, a wedding.

Valentines for Grandparents: very cute mad lib style, sure to make any grandma's heart melt

Valentine's for Grandparents | Over The Big Moon

I like it because it looks like its really cute. It looks like an american girl doll but its not, it's the queen of hearts. Is it seriously an american girl doll? Cause it looks a lot like one but it really looks like a really little kid. Are you serious? How did they get papers (she's referring to the backdrop) that big? Seriously how did they get papers that big?

Newborn gorilla reacting to a cold stethoscope.

  • Shauna Orton

    I like it because first the baby monkey is thinking its not going to be cold but then the second after it goes really cold and he does this- (she makes a face)- its really cute.

I like it because its beautiful and it reminds me of Mary and Jesus

It's sooooo cute with the little animals and its perfect for babies

I like it because its a cake and a bunch of little cupcakes- its creative.

It has aqua on it because aqua is my favorite color now because I changed it from purple.