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Zombie Crafts

DIY PVC Pipe Fort or play house - with instructions, diagram and cut list

One BIG Toothless. Another beautifull (and Free) pattern for our most adorable plushy dragon.

1 tbsp cornstarch, 4-6 pumps baby shampoo, 2-3 drops food coloring, 1-2 tsp water = voila! bathtub paint.

free printables - alphabet, old cars + campers, valentines, etc.

Cloth strips in wipe container

  • Ciera L.

    DS LOVES this! I made him one with scraps and he loves to pull them out and then try to put them back in. Cheapest toy I have ever made!

oil drip pan instead of using the fridge - I wonder... cover with chalkboard paint?

The road is drawn on the shower curtain liner with permanent marker and the kids can color to their hearts content then drive their cars on it. Great to give with washable markers for hours and hours of fun.

Includes patterns, supply list, etc. (Personal note: I'm a little miffed that she didn't include doll dress-up for her son. Was she afraid of girlie-fying him?)

  • Liana C.

    I thought that was odd, too.

  • Leslie D

    If she didn't want to "girlie-fy" him, she could have done firefighters, police officers, superheroes, whatever.

PVC playhouse, just add sheets!

  • Smurfetteinred .

    My mom and dad made me one of these when I was a kid (except my mom sewed a whole house form for it) and now the kids play in it.

  • Lucky In Love

    Smurfy, I think we're going to need a pip of that house ;o)

  • Smurfetteinred .

    When I get a chance later, I'll post it on the eff board. My dad dit the pvc all differently so that you could sort of snap them into place with little dowels but me and my brother broke them all off so right now the polls are duct taped together. I might have to redo it like this!