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Dana Delany...Marg Helgenberger... - China Beach - ABC - 1988-1991

We love the Vicar of Dibley at our house. I can't stay awake for a movie, but I can make it at half a hour with the vicar. Available on netflix or Amazon.

Netflix/Amazon Favrorites: The good vicar. - Pulling Curls

Seinfeld (1990–1998)

Perfect Strangers!

jennifer aniston as rachel with her sphinx cat

Jennifer Aniston on Friends w/ a sphinx line ever: Joey: "That's not a cat!" Ross: "It looks like it's inside out!"

mr squiggle - Google Search

Fraggle Rock

Scarecrow and Mrs King ... I had a huge crush on Bruce Boxleitner in the 80's!

Robin Hood British Series with Michael Praed

Loved this show!

Remember this? - 9GAG

The setting is Oxford University - so all the crime involved revolves around something related to literature, history, etc. It takes nothing away from the original Inspector Morse series.