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Screen time is an app that lets you limit time your child uses iPhone or iPad. You set the time, press start, and pass it to your children. When time expires, it stops the game!

Screen Time on the App Store on iTunes

Movie night snack necklaces! Let the kids each make their own before the movie!!



DIY 'Lens Friends' - this is the 'Angry Bird'…so cool! There's more ideas too!

DIY Lens Friends - Jenni -

Raising gentlemen when the world exonerates boys - Not Consumed

Top Life Hacks This Week.–10 Pics--wash kid's LEGOs

fleaChic: flea market savvy

From gum to grapes... fun ways to make the letter G!

Fun ways to make the letter G - The Measured Mom

For kids to put in pockets in big crowds. iPhone app to track them if you get separated.

Head trauma in children can be scary! Whether it's a fall from the grocery cart or simple friends clanking noggins on the playground it makes moms nervous. Here's a few simple things to check for.

TMI Tuesdays: Head Trauma

You’ve Been Tying Your Shoes Wrong Your Whole Life Learn how to tie your shoes in one second flat. This is a cool way to teach kids how to tie their shoes, but adults can benefit from this time-saving trick, too.

You've Been Tying Your Shoes Wrong Your Whole Life

How to teach your kids to tie their shoes in 5 minutes | #BabyCenterBlog

Teach your kids to tie their shoes in 5 minutes

Lego Block sentences

Cool idea for a classroom reading center

The Educators' Spin On It: Raising a Strong Willed Child: We Get It Series

Camping game idea - glow stick bowling make area dark for glow stick bowling

Stop what you’re doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom.

Need an extra hand during bottle feedings? I was always hoping for something like this.

Bebe Bottle Sling Twin Pack

flannel "sock" filled with rice. Nuke for 1 minute. Baby is convinced that the warm sock is a warm momma and sleep ensues for all. - They use these in the NICU. this would be a good future use or for a baby gift.

In Between Laundry: Baby Snuggler

brilliant idea for kids on long car trips. THey rip down each sticker as you finally arrive in that town. They can keep track of how much longer themselves rather than asking 20,000 times.

I'm so doing #3 with my kids today!

5 Ways to NOT Become a Short-Order Chef for Your Children {one family. One meal} :) Plus, a 100$ giveaway from Vitafusion! Come enter!