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Earthday Crafts & Ideas

Eco friendly and green. Earth Day, Arbor Day, Eco Celebration Ideas to Celebrate Earth and Nature - Be a Planetpal!Green DIY, Recycle eco friendly crafts, foods, ideas

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French knot embroidery…makes a beautiful Earth

What I Did While Waiting ....

Earth Day Cookie Recipe

Earth Day Cookies

Birdhouse or Feeders made from 2 liter pop bottles!

Supplies: -Vase or Water Bottle -Food Coloring -Vegetable Oil -Water -Alka Seltzer

Melted Bead Keychains - fun summer craft for kids - we'll be doing this!!

Melted Bead Keychains - Kid Craft Contributor

It's Earth Month - What #green thing can you do? #moms #dads #teachers

Make a Dryer Lint Earth. It's a Rumbly Tumbly Recycle Craft for Earth Day -http:/...

Here is my #globalSelfie for #nasa where is yours? I'm Earthman and I am on Earth!

Arborday Green Forest Journal for Arborday. Everything you need to know about TREES. Biomes. Habitats. State Trees plus Arborday TREETS!

Exclusive Tree Crafts For Kids for #ARBORDAY Apr 24

Happy #Arborday April 24. TREE-T yourself to a Greener world :)

All ages, All activities, All you need to help with your Earthday for the 15th year!

Make an Earth Cake using a simple cake batter and food coloring. Hint: A round cake pan will work just as well.

Make this FREE Printable Earth Ornament for Earthday or Any Day. Love Earth!

Free recycle symbol download for Earthday

After #fattuesday Mardi Gras - Repurpose your mardi gras beads and make an Earth for #Earthday :) #beads #upcycle

Ten Things To Do For Earthday With Kids In The Classroom-Teach Kids to Love Earth! #teachers #ece #edchat #homeschool

Here is my #globalSelfie for #nasa where is yours? I'm Earthman and I am on Earth!

Happy Earthday! Make Everyday Earthday--Be A Planetpal, too!

Happy Earthday-There is still time to do Earthday Crafts, and Foods. Ideas Galore. A world of fun! #moms #dads #ece #teachers

For #Earthday Journal--Ideas-Crafts-Foods-For all ages! #greenkids #greenmoms #greenteachers #greenfamilies

Don't be a drip! 5 ways to save water Infographic :)