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Keep it simple, keep it healthy - lunch box ideas for kids.

Kids Lunch Box Ideas + Lunch Box Pasta Recipe | Childhood101

Ten Healthier Lunchbox Treats #creatorsofyum #sponsored

Ten Healthy Lunchbox Treats. -

Paleo "Skittles" - Taste the (Real Food) Rainbow - Joyful Abode

Paleo "Skittles" - Taste the (Real Food) Rainbow - Joyful Abode

Brain Food: Nibblers were shown to have better cognitive functioning, fewer discipline problems, lower cortisol levels, better glucose tolerance and better maintained insulin levels. (John Joseph – Focus Education “Food for Thought : The Critical Foundation for Brain Care”).

Frozen grapes! Recently I put some grapes inside our snack pocket and put in the freezer overnight. These are perfect as a refreshing snack especially on a hot day. Pop them in the lunch box with an ice brick and you have a healthy refreshing snack for everyone:)

Kindergarten. If you’re kids are off totheir first day of school, pack them a lunch they’ll love to eat. +3 small frittatas. +2 macro wholefoods market apricot currant muesli cookies. +1 fruit salad in fun shapes (we used a smallmelon scoop to make watermelon balls; halved strawberries to make heart shapes; and cut kiwifruit into triangles). +1 water bottle. www2.woolworthson... #woolworths #kids #lunchbox #backtoschool

Early Teens. Give your teens a lunch box full of nutrient-dense food to get them through their day at school. +2 Woolworths Bake @ Home Petit Pain Rolls with assorted fillings (we used roast beef, chutney, cheese, tomato and lettuce; hamand coleslaw). +Vegie sticks (we used baby carrots and red and yellow capsicum). +1 macro wholefoods market hommus dip. www2.woolworthson... #Woolworths #recipe #lunchbox #schooltime

apricot bites | 1 cup dried apricots 2 cups desiccated coconut - yuuuummmm trying this tonight!

Apricot Bites - Wholefood Simply

Parsnip Cupcakes

Need help hiding veggies? | Planning With Kids

A basic and easy recipe for homemade pasties These are happily eaten by my kids cold in their lunch box too!

Homemade Pasties | Planning With Kids

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding. We suggest using Unsweetened Almond Breeze almond milk for this healthy dessert (or breakfast!) recipe. #almondmilk #almondbreeze

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding - Food Doodles

Sugar Free Kids Healthy rice bubble slice recipe for lunchboxes and it's nut free. Click on image for info. | #sugarfree #smarthomesforliving

Healthy Rice Bubble Slice recipe | Sugar Free Kids

Sweet Zucchini Slice (with no refined sugar)

Sweet Zucchini Slice Recipe | Planning With Kids

lunch box ideas march - ideas for kids using seasonal fruit and veg (Australia)

Easy-Chocolate-Cake-Recipe - one bowl, simple ingredients and the kids love it

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe | Planning With Kids

Perfect for when having friends over for brunch - Egg And Bacon Tarts. My kids also happily eat them cold in their school lunch boxes

Frozen oranges - an easy and healthy snack for the school lunch box

Tips for saving on school lunches. | Money Circle

Do the kids like chocolate balls but does it take you to long to make them? Take a short cut and make it into a slice!

Chocolate Balls Recipe | Planning With Kids

School Lunches - an example of a simple process you can follow with recipes to make easy work of school lunches

Making It Easier – School Lunch Box Process | Planning With Kids