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Expressive Language Ideas & Activities

Wiggly Eye Drawing Starter. Makes a good art center. Kids can use their imagination to draw animals, monsters, people, sea creatures, etc.

House of Baby Piranha: Wiggly Eye Drawing Starter

MAIN IDEA~ Each bag has a unified group of items. Students unpack bag and write down the main idea and "supporting details." Great hands-on activity!

The Teacher in Me: Main Idea and Supporting Details Fun Activity

Help kids practice irregular past tense verbs (have = had, leave = left, buy = bought) with a card game similar to slap jack! Free printable cards.

Know someone who loves to play with toy cars and trucks? This delivery depot is a great play idea that’s easy to set up and includes lots of ways for children to develop their language, reading and maths skills as they play.

Play with trucks in a DIY delivery depot!