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Researchers demonstrate tragic state of SCADA security

Control panel design guide with tips for those with PLCs in them. (Please share with others so we are all better off.)

Modbus Communication Test between PLC and Mach3 CNC Software

Mechatronics: It’s Not Rocket Science | Automation World

PLC History, PLC ladder logic program example.

DCS or PLC? (The hundred thousand dollar question.)

Follow our newest blogger, Jonathan Smith! A light-hearted blog about the basics of industrial automation.

Maintenance Management of your company's PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) CLICK PIC to read!

Connecting together all PLCs of different vendors in your facility. Some basic advice to help you on your research... There is more than one way to skin a cat. :>) CLICK PIC to read

Simple ladder logic example for training in plcs. To read "A Peek at PLC basics" PLC FAQ, please CLICK PIC

Why should I upgrade to a Program Logic Controller, (PLC)? That was the question posed to us, by one of our readers, CLICK PIC to read.

The Future Maintenance Engineer (AKA: OEM Eliminator) PLC training an important part of that future CLICK PIC to read