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Plexus Slim Weight Loss Testimonials and Before & After Photos

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Christina says - Ok this is very hard for me cause I do not like to post pics of myself. This is my 3 month update & I've lost 13lbs & several inches. I've tried everything & only plexus has worked for me. I had high blood pressure & it's back to normal thanks to plexus. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me!!!

  • Rhonda Elayne

    Not to be funny, but which one is the before & after?

  • Dale Barker

    Thanks Rhonda. I was going to say that other than the towel, I don't see a difference.

Brooke says - Drink pink and shrink sept/ may

Nancy says - Plexus is NOT a quick fix lose weight get healthy over night. But if you want to do what it takes and not give up, then give Plexus a try. It does work, but it takes time!

Janessa says - Plexus is changing my life and I am so excited to see what the future will bring!

Ginger says - 30 pounds gone, started a size 16, now a size 8 and still loosing!!!

  • gidget woods

    Did you only do the pink drink or did you do there other products to.. Thanks

Robin says - My husband joined me last August for his Plexus journey but just never stayed consistent with his products! I am thrilled to share that since 2 1/2 months ago (when he finally committed to being consistent) on Plexus Slim he has now tightened his belt up FIVE notches! He was taking only the Slim Mix and added in the new product about 3 weeks ago!

Jaclyn says - Its funny how Plexus began as weight loss for me but ended up helping me more with my mental health and not to mention all the physical health from the BioCleanse and Probio5!

the KEY is staying consistent NOT giving up.... AND if I could convince EVERYONE to do the same ... they too would get these results and feel as awesome as I do.

Wendy says - Now if this doesn't convince you Plexus works I just don't know what to say. This is the same shirt in both pics! 9 months of plexus down 55 pounds off Insulin and 2 meds for diabetes, 3 blood pressure pills, 2 asthma inhalers, 2 breathing treatments, migraine meds, pain med for endometriosis and left with ONLY my thyroid medication yet that level improved energy energy and did I say energy!!!! I sleep like a baby at night I love it!!!!

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Christina says - 60 days on Plexus!! 13 pounds and numerous inches!!! I have never felt this amazing!!! Thank you Plexus!!!

I LOVE PLEXUS!!! In 2 1/2 months I lost 11 inches and 19pounds total!

  • gidget woods

    Please tell me if you just used the pink drink or did you use there other pill products also.. And what did you eat at each meal also.. Thanks.

Andrea says ~ I lose inches and fit into smaller clothes then I am fine with that. I love Plexus!

Brooke says - plexus has changed my life for the better in such short time and I'm so thankful plexus slim is a big blessing to my life !!!!

Angie says - Update.... I started Oct 20th and to date I have lost 38 pounds and 34 plus inches!!! I love my plexus!!!

Kayla says ~ A little over 1 month and a half with 15 lbs. down and several inches lost!

Elisa says - WOOHOO!!!!! I am down 49 pounds, and off ALL meds, and finally, I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!!

  • Tiffiany Boyd

    you look amazing! I've been on Plexus slim & accelerator going on 3 months now and I love it.

Annette says - I am currently taking the Slim, ProBio5, BioCleanse and started the new product today. I ordered the X-Factor today as well.

Paige says - Five inches off of my waist since March 14th, 4 lbs. lost, and I haven't had a diet dr. pepper in at least 6 weeks. I feel good and have more energy. I don't like selfies, but I like to track & see my progress.

Melissa says - Started plexus at the end of Feb. Scale has went from 171 to 168-169 from that time. The first pic was taken around feb.. the pics in a dress was taken last week.

Melinda says - Don't give up! Keep on drinking, change it up find what's right for you and when you do it just feels right! Happy shrinking!!!