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Plow & Hearth Pets (and their people) by Plow & Hearth

Our Plow & Hearth employees love cute animals, and we have plenty of pets of our own! Here are some photos of our Plow & Hearth pets...a few of them are even using Plow & Hearth pet products!

More Murphy and the Cozy Comfort Blanket - he's grown a lot!

Cozy Comfort Micro Velour King Blanket | Pillows & Throws

That's sweet (not so little anymore) Murphy loving this wonderful dog bed and hamming it up for the camera!

42" Round Tufted Plush Velvet Pet Bed | Collection Accessories

Owner Linda works in the Madison Warehouse where she does embroidery and works on the packing line. This is her Australian Shepherd, Breezee, who was born 1-1-11. Keeping fit with daily walks, Breezee loves training and her newest skill is catching a Frisbee.

Copywriter Jennifer's cat, Inky. (She used to have "ink spots" on her head, but they faded away as she got older - the name no longer fits, but she won't answer to anything else!)

Kim, supervisor at our Winston-Salem Plow & Hearth store, sent in this picture of her boxer, Rosie, and one of her two Chihuahuas, Cheech.

Mandi, supervisor at our Winston-Salem Plow & Hearth store, sent in this picture of her cat, Kitty Gurl.

Assistant Photographer Jessica D. shares a photo of Parker, the stray-turned-feline-model you can find in our catalog and on our web site. Here's he's pictured with his "big brother," Captain.

Katie, supervisor at our Winston-Salem Plow & Hearth store, shares a photo of Vala (left) and Odin (right) lounging on a lazy Sunday.

Sandra W. shares a photo of the outrageous Oscar!

Dana T. in Plow & Hearth customer service shares a picture of her best pal, Pooty the mini pinscher!

Chloe the kitten wants to go for a walk!