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Fashion Dolls

I played with Barbie as a child, then rediscovered her as an adult in the 1980s. Today, I have a room dedicated to my dolls, their fashions and accessories.

Moschino does the Barbie look! Spring 2015 Collection

- Moschino Spring 2015 - The Cut

2014 Madrid Fashion Doll Convention exclusive!

Haunted Beauty "Mistress of the Mansion" Barbie

Barbie & Friends

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie ~ The Platinum-label Barbie doll will be available in limited quantities (only 999 dolls will be produced) for approximately $200 USD through exclusive retail channels including: select KARL LAGERFELD retail stores, TheBarbieCollecti..., NET-A-PORTER.COM and Colette in Paris.

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

EXCLUSIVE: Barbie's New Designer Looks by Rebecca Taylor, Tess Giberson, and more ... Click thru to read more ...

Who is she?

Superstar Barbie

Barbie Sewing Tutorials by Matisse Fashions

Sewing Tutorials | Matisse Fashions and Doll Patterns

Doll comparison photo - Momoko - 1/ 6 scale female figure - Barbie Belly Button - Fashion Royalty Imogen - FR2 by Hegemony77 doll clothes, v...

Victoire, wearing a one of a kind fashion handmade by Chris Stoeckel. The details are simply to die for!

Reproduction bubblecut Barbie & fashions, vintage Barbie trunk. LOVE!

Swimwear by Jessica Hardman-Cozy. Photo of Unoa & Momoko by *disenchanted*deb.