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ASAD Trailer- Set in a war torn fishing village in Somalia, an all Somali, refugee cast brings to life this coming of age fable of a Somali boy who is faced with falling into the pirate life, or rising above to choose the path of an honest fishing man.

Fishing Without Nets (Official Trailer HD), A story of pirates in Somalia, told from the perspective of the pirates.

Somali returnees adjust to their new home. Many Somali parents living in the UK say their children have lost their way, consumed by Western culture and are sending them back to their former home. Somali journalist Jamal Osman has met the returnees as they struggled to negotiate a very traditi.

Idil Ibrahim on Film, Unity and Empowering Somalia. It was important for her to “bridge cultures, communities and perspectives through art.” I think many people want to write Somalia off as a failed state, full of conflict, humanitarian disasters and disease. Somalia and Somalis worldwide have immense obstacles to overcome, but I believe that Somalia has potential. There are so many individuals within the country and abroad working day and night to change their current reality for the better.

Ayan short Film Complete video. Elays Youth Production Ayan is award winner short film written by young Somali girl and its from young people point of view. the film is about Ayan this young Somali girl who is full of life and friendly with everyone in her year and almost all the school know how charm and helpful she is! She is getting everyone respect as she go on doing her business. But a group of girls who are getting jealous of her are

Look into the face of what is often considered to be Somalia's 'biggest threat': the youth. Under-educated and unemployed, remembered by their elected leaders only on election day and bereft of any substantial oppourtunity to improve the quality of their lives (apart from working out in the local gym), the boys of Northern Kenya comprise the main recruitment pool for the terrorist group known as Al-Shabaab.

A group of young Somalis set out to make easy money by kidnapping a white couple when everything goes terribly wrong. directed by Ahmed Farah

DADAAB: Get There or Die Trying. Dadaab: Get There or Die Trying is a documentary that showcases the harrowing journey that Somali refugees have to take before they can reach Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya. The documentary was made by a group of young filmmakers to fundraise for the Survival Packs campaign.

Voices of Dadaab is a documentary (This is the full video) about Abdi Phenomenal of Poet Nation's return to the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya where he spent 5 years as a child. The film also shows recent newcomers and those who have lived in Dadaab for twenty years and how they have made the best of their circumstances. If you like this video please share it on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.