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wave tattoo, awesome right? Maybe this on a miniature scale for my wrist

I love the idea of a semicolon tattoo, & I especially like the style of this one:) Without the words though

These top 10 tattoo designs on hips are not only beautiful they also help accentuate the beauty of your waistline. Have a peek.

What the heart once owned it shall never lose.

i like the saying not so much the placement

Tree of life! Strong roots=Base of knowledge, well being, healt and secret & sacred tool for those who seek better understanding of universal consciousness.;- "Jussi" the psychonaut.

LOVE THIS PLACEMENT!! ... Vertical Back | 33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo

33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas for Your Hands | 30 Memorial Tattoo Ideas photo Keltie Knight's photos - Buzznet

30 Memorial Tattoo Ideas

I'm really loving this green fern, it looks so real! Contemplating getting this on my right side, an inch or so under my bosom.


fern Michael Freeman Rosas Tattoo Oddball Portland Oregon studios, via Flickr. I think this would be painful but very cool :)

a heart without an end.

Tattoo Submission: Paola (Spain)

i carry your heart with me - ee cummings

Feather Tattoo Female Tattoo

Original Dragão Tattoo Studio - BH

biblical tattoos quotes | 35 Inspiring Religious Tattoos | Cuded

35 Inspiring Religious Tattoos | Cuded

Chronic Ink Tattoos, Toronto Tattoo shop - Tribal key tattoo behind ear. I think it would better if it was just a little higher. Maybe for Madi

this is by far the greatest thing i've ever seen. i wanted an infinity symbol and a peacock feather tattoo. omg.

Tattoo: 1 Year Anniversary