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Anti-Republican Memes and Pictures

29 Pins

Bush and the defifict

Mitt Romney wonders why you can't open airplane windows

Romney's spray tan

Mitt Romney: A victim of his own incompetence

Mitt Romney on Poorest 47%

Message to Mitt Romney from the 47 Percent

The most interesting man in the world says, "I don't always vomit in my mouth, but when I do it's usually because I just saw a Romney political ad."

Mitt Romney Made in China

Ending Medicare

Americans Dream vs. European Dream

Romney's Gaffe Tour

Romney / Burns 2012

Mitt Romney on Taxes

A Brit, a Jew, and a Polish guy all walk into the bar and say, "Holy crap, Romney is a douche."

Mitt the Twit

The Queen on that moron from Utah

Mitt Romney, American Borat

Romney background check

Scumbag Mitt

Romney and his pet horse

Romney booed

Mitt's Mutt Carrier

Mitt Romney: Job Killer

Myths around the world

Romney and Less Government Control