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Anti-Republican Memes and Pictures

Bush and the defifict

Mitt Romney wonders why you can't open airplane windows

Romney's spray tan

Mitt Romney: A victim of his own incompetence

Message to Mitt Romney from the 47 Percent

The most interesting man in the world says, "I don't always vomit in my mouth, but when I do it's usually because I just saw a Romney political ad."

Mitt Romney Made in China

Ending Medicare

Americans Dream vs. European Dream

Romney's Gaffe Tour

Romney / Burns 2012

Mitt Romney on Taxes

A Brit, a Jew, and a Polish guy all walk into the bar and say, "Holy crap, Romney is a douche."

The Queen on that moron from Utah

Mitt Romney, American Borat

Romney background check

Romney and his pet horse

Mitt's Mutt Carrier

Mitt Romney: Job Killer

Myths around the world

Romney and Less Government Control