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The innovative software is called Ubi Displays and uses a projector, a depth camera and a PC to create interactive multi-touch displays anywhere and on anything, such as this fridge.

Sensoria Smart Sock tracks your pressure points when exercising

Cheers - alcohol-aware glowing ice-cubes that beat to ambient music by Dhairya Dand. The electronics inside the ice-cubes know how fast and how much you are drinking. The cubes change color from green to orange to finally red as you keep drinking beyond the safety limit. If things get out of control, the cubes send a text to your close friend using your smartphone.

Soldsie app allows users to purchase items on Facebook by writing 'Sold' in the comments box!

CubeSensors - take accurate readings of the environment, from air pressure, ambient noise volume, light intensity and pollution levels. With these readings the cube is able to suggest optimum conditions for ensuring productivity, comfortable sleep and generally improving indoor living environments.

Interaxon are developing the Muse headband. A device that monitors your brain activity and can use these readings to control external devices, like your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth, as well as offering a well maintained brain training program.

Memory is a coffee maker that uses hand print recognition to make the right cup of coffee for the right person.

Wireless speakers that screw into any light socket and streams your iPod/Pad/Phone. And its also a lightbulb!

If you suffer from food allergies then its quite handy to have a tool like the A – Check. The device probes the food for ingredient contents and then matches it with a selection of food-items that you have listed as allergy causing foods. If the stick turns red, it Means you're allergic

Mobile phone bird by Is this good?

“Garbage” Houses Made Of Recycled Plastic Bottles

28 Sphero robotic balls all independently programed and controlled by 4 smartphones to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve / Sarajevo". Each ball had to be precisely choreographed and the complex dance routine written measure by measure. Sphero brings robotic gaming home with over 20 free apps and games, including MacroLab which allows you to create your own custom programs, and is available at retailers worldwide.