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Pardo Art Clay Art

"At this point, I think it’s pretty obvious that it is the clearest translucent on the market." ~ The Polymer Arts Blog ~ All the pictures on this board feature beautiful pieces created using Pardo Professional Art Clay which comes in 14 rich colors and is available here:

Learn about coloring polymer clay with alcohol inks. Article and tutorial by The Blue Bottle Tree.

Created with Pardo Professional Art Clay, this necklace shows how you can create designs that take advantage of the translucent properties and the clarity of color. Read Ginger's review of the various translucent clays on the market. Pardo translucent has wonderful properties and ranks at the top. thebluebottletree...

Which is the clearest Translucent Polymer Clay?
  • Poly Clay Play

    You can find Transparent Pardo Professional Art Clay at

Knightwork: Playing with Clay: Pardo Art Clay Canes & Pendants

Pardo Art Clay Canes by auntgriz, via Flickr, lots of nice canes

canes by auntgriz using Pardo Art Clay

Ohrringe rotes Tutu. Earrings red Tutu made with Pardo Professional art clay translucent

pardo professional art clay translucent tinted - Kathrin Neumaier

Hollow beads, made with Pardo Professional art clay translucent tinted with decorating chalks by ilex123, via Flickr. Would love to know what brand of Chalks she uses.

Tumanas Kuddelmuddel: *guguck* - Cane mit Pardo Professional Art-Clay (Anleitung)

Pardo Professional Art-Clay /Pardo Professional Mica-Clay

Knightwork: Playing with Clay: Pardo Art Clay Canes & Pendants

Kathrin Neumaier - Earrings Art Noveau Flower made with Pardo Professional art clay translucent

Kathrin Neumair, pardo clay Art Nouveau flower

ilex123 | Flikr | Pardo Professional Art Clay | Polymer

made with Pardo Professional art clay translucent

  • Sharon Scalise

    Hello Poly Clay Play, Amazing Colors! I am looking for info. On an alternative to resin for molding one of my items. I need it to have a beach glass effect but to be more sculpt able than resin. This material looks promising. If you could point new in the direction of some Info.,Tutorials & Materials Suppliers I would be most grateful! Thank You! :) SharonScalise

  • Poly Clay Play

    Hi Sharon. Please visit and send me a note. That way I can send you a detailed answer. In general, I think Pardo Translucent Clay would be great for you to achieve a beach glass effect. It is a moldable clay that you can bake in your home oven. You can color it with inks or powders and more. Poly Clay Play carries Pardo Translucent Clay. I look forward to chatting with you through emails.

A brooch made from pardo translucent art clay by Ponsawan Sila. BAD 2013 17/365 by polymerclaybeads, via Flickr