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Any thoughts? I am not surprised at all though...kind of weird that she JUST got the Sexiest Woman Alive since Ana was anything but lol

Forget Team Edward or Team Jacob...we're team Taylor Lautner!

9 Guys Who Should Play Christian Grey #Ian_Somerhalder

  • Sheri-Lynn Jarman

    Hands down it should be Ian!!! Not just because he is so amazingly attractive but because he does not have a known history on the big screen so we are not already thinking of him as a character he has played in the past....he is a fresh face and will fill that role very nicely!!

  • AJW Media

    yep, they were dumb not to have selected him. I will not be watching it now... oh well. We have the books!

  • Jeannine Hassel

    Ian would have been great, he has killer eyes!!!

Get ready to swoon: Liam Hemsworth wearing, ahem, 50 shades of grey in NYC.

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Laters, baby--yea, he could play Mr. Grey ;)

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Olivia Wilde.

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Do you think Mila could play Ana? There is some buzz...

  • Roxy Carroll

    nooo.. but i agree.. better than Kristen Stewart!!

  • Nina Podolska

    No Kristen Stewart - please! I can't stand one more movie with her "the same expression" face! I love Mila but she's too old and doesn't look like a 22 year old virgin for sure....

  • connie diaz

    She is too sexy, maybe someone more like Anne Hatheway

  • Brandi Chokas

    Well, she did semi nude in FWB with Justin, but is she willing to go all out? Maybe...

  • mel w

    Hell NO

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Rumor has it - he is Christian...

  • Carolyn Fikes

    yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • notmy realname

    whoa. everyone here who is "just saying" : grow up, stop being such a red neck/homophobe whatever you want to call it.. "just saying" is a good sign that you know how wrong your comment is. He's an actor. he's been playing straight men very convincingly for years. What about all the lesbian actresses who are playing straight women, no one has a problem with that either.

  • brownlibra

    Re-lax...No one is saying he CAN'T do it, they just don't WANT him to do doesn't matter if he plays the role well, we all know that the actor playing the character is actually grossed out by heterosexual sex, when Christian was the complete OPPOSITE...most people just can't suspend their imagination that much...

  • Patti Johnson Pine

    Just saying is my opinion yours is obviously different.

  • ༺♥༻ Lee Anne ༺♥༻

    Didn't see it at first... but been watching White Collar... I can see it now. I think he would make a great Christian.

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9 Guys Who Should Play Christian Grey #Alexander_Skarsgard #50Shades

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