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spat in the headteachers milk, ate the biscuits and ended up here

Entry from Thomas Randleman using our now archived Renaissance BP 2810. We loved the combination of the wallpaper and the portrait - the gold frame gaining some real prominence with the Railings and Pitch Blue wallpaper backdrop.

  • Lynn Gurt

    Mmm...this one keeps drawing me in. The deeply saturated colors evoke a warm and solid welcome beckoning me beyond. I want to find out who that little boy is.

Hand knitted Day of the Dead skulls

El blog de Dmc: Victoria Assanelli una ilustradora enamorada del bordado

In Hugo, OK (Circus City USA) there is a cemetery that has a special section for deceased circus performers. There are some very interesting headstones with elephants, clowns, and big top tents.

  • Tori Allen

    Such a neat place to visit. My fiance and I went last year.

  • Amy Sullens-Bannister

    In Brookfield, IL there is a cemetery with a section for circus performers and animals that were killed in a horrible circus train crash. None of the headstones are this cool, but it's located about a 1/2 mike from the zoo, and when you stand in the cemetery, you can hear the elephants and lions.

  • Michelle Vogt

    My husband works at that cemetery in Illinois. It's actually in Forest Park, IL and they have several elephant headstones as well.

  • Laura Sikes

    No, there is one in Hugo, as well. Such a neat place to visit. My favorite headstone: "I'd rather be in California."

  • Michelle Vogt

    I know there is one in Hugo...I was saying the one in Illinois is in Forest Park, not Brookfield. :)

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