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Japes with my Girls

My girls get up to all sorts of mischief which will amuse and bemuse you

My girls are the very definition of chalk and cheese...

The baby can fit through the cat flap - Lyra demonstrating how Ellie broke into the house through the catflap!

Latest blog post - up to my ankles in toddler wee...

Little Miss Contrary - a tale of three babies, a little too much wee and a child who can't make up her mind...

The Andre Song - Lyra invented a bizarre song this evening...

Is it possible to stop children growing?

Sometimes my girls make me so proud that my heart almost bursts with love.

As I walked around the farm with Lyra today I kind of wanted to wear a sign saying 'she picked her own clothes out' lest anyone thought me colour-blind or downright cruel.

Quite how does one get tomato soup on one's forehead?

Maybe teaching them to talk wasn’t such a good idea…

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Never Leave a Cheeky Baby Unattended!

Never Leave a Toddler Unattended!

Never Leave a Toddler Unattended!

Lyra’s Primula addiction is getting out of hand

I seem to be raising Spider Girl