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The adventures of a Monkey who loves life.

Pepe likes to drive the dingy around and pick up chicks

Pepe watching Soccer with Coops

Pepe watching the World Cup with Cooper

Pepe likes to get what he calls "Monkey Coffee" which is really a latte with a monkey face in the foam

Pepe tries to tell #Swoon that some of her figures intimidate him but she just thinks that's cute.

Pepe tries to emulate one of Swoon's pieces.

We ordered Pepe a dozen Oysters but we forgot. Monkeys don't like Oysters!

Pepe LOVES dessert.

Solomon the Man Monkey poster 'Darwin's Missing Link' 1908 Pepe is SO jealous of Solomon's hat and umbrella

#Pepe took some of his pups on a #StageCoach ride. We were kind of nervous because #Lenny didn't have his glasses on and we weren't sure about his balance.

Pepe's first Birthday. We had to keep re-lighting the candle for him because he wanted more wishes. #Pepe

Grinning Monkey Orchids. These are Pepe's favorite flowers. He wants us to plant them all over the rooftop in pots so he can have lots of friends to boss around.

I told Pepe to leave these guys alone because it seemed like they were on their lunch break...but no one seemed to mind a wee monkey passing the time. #Pepe

Lenny was selfconscious about his glasses until he realized they were so popular.

I think someone recognized Pepe at Coney Island...we hightailed it out of there just in case the Paparazzi got wind of his exploits! #Pepe

Pepe has many many pups and one cat (felix). They are going to eat us out of house and home.

Mostly Pepe eats bananas and fruit but he has a weakness for desserts and his own special spoon. #Pepe

Peps wants to know if he can climb the Freedom Tower. I think he's confusing it with the Empire State building. He has seen lots of clips from King Kong. #Pepe

Pepe loved The Red Shoes. He had been asking us for shoes for weeks but now he's afraid of them. #Pepe

Pepe has the salted carmel-apple pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds with Juliette. He LOVED the pie but kept asking us where the birds were because he knows that nursery rhyme very well and believes it to be attributed to Henry VIII baking the birds into a pie for his cousin the king of France. #Pepe