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This Morning In Brooklyn

These are all photos taken on a walks around Park Slope and Gowanus in the early mornings when the sun is right.

Sometimes there are fairies texting on the subway.

Kellogg's Diner


AND...a model and a Panda setting up for a photo shoot at Prospect Park...

Robbie on 5th Ave and Degraw sells really cool Brooklyn T-shirts...tell him Poozy sent you.. :)

The season is right on queue

I met this little pup in Park Slope this morning

Jen and Nago in the Tea Lounge

Rosewater in Park Slope

A Brief History of Bocce in Brooklyn | Brooklyn Magazine

A Brief History of Bocce in Brooklyn

The 25 Best Houses in Brooklyn (AKA Our Favorites) | Brooklyn Magazine

The 25 Best Houses in Brooklyn (AKA Our Favorites)

Blue Sky Bakery. The.Best.Muffins.

Shops do NOT open early

Rings bought on 5th Ave in Park Slope

#SimoneZimmerman took this photo so I'm not sure if it's in Brooklyn but it made me laugh. Apparently Ice Cream doesn't make some people happy. :)

Pepe and Schmutzi ride the subway with Bob

The McDonald's on 4th Ave went out of business! I guess because the location is too close to "Restaurant Row" 5th Ave


I used to sleep over my friend Davisha's house when she lived here when we were teenagers...those were magical times.