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Weird Asian Treats- Green Tea Cookies

Bi-WAY-loved this store so much , all of us did. Mom would go here at 8:30 and stay way past closing time , they hated us

Giant Tiger- store in Northern Ontario

The whole crew from Punky Brewster , this picture makes me so happy

Cherry From Punky Brewster

Out of This World , Evie

Natalie is obsessed with Alter Egos and mentions Lady Gaga’s alter ego Joe Calderone and others. Episode 2

In our new segment Faux Pas, Natalie asks the critical question: Are scrunchies social suicide? Episode 4

Arleigh REALLY loves NKOTB. Episode 4

Natalie IS Effie Trinket. Episode 4

Arleigh REALLY loves NKOTB. Episode 4

Life in a Day made Arleigh and Catherine laugh, cry and appreciate the world. Episode 4

Leave Hillary's Scrunchies Alone!

Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie - discussed Ep 2 (I called her a c***, specifically)