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Population Matters

Population Matters is a membership charity working for population and environmental sustainability. Our website is at

Population Matters - For a Sustainable Future

Jane Goodall - There is Still Hope for the Environment

Population Matters Card

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Smaller Families are Sustainable Families Poster

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  • Sara Oliver

    Harmony reigns - just looking at this beautiful photo makes me breathe a sigh of relief

Population is a Health Issue Poster

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Shreela Flather - Women Key to Meeting Humanitarian Goals

John Guillebaud - Population, Peak Oil and Climate Change

David Attenborough Leaflet

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James Lovelock - Population Reduction

Aubrey Manning - Population: Can We Begin to Talk Sensibly?

Norman Myers, Visiting Professor, Oxford Centre for the Environment

Chris Packham on the Natural Environment White Paper

Sara Parkin, Forum for the Future

Jonathon Porritt - Why is Nobody Talking about Overpopulation