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Population Matters

Population Matters is a membership charity working for population and environmental sustainability. Our website is at

Population Matters - For a Sustainable Future

Jane Goodall - There is Still Hope for the Environment

Population Matters Card

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Smaller Families are Sustainable Families Poster

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  • Sara Oliver

    Harmony reigns - just looking at this beautiful photo makes me breathe a sigh of relief

Population is a Health Issue Poster

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Shreela Flather - Women Key to Meeting Humanitarian Goals

John Guillebaud - Population, Peak Oil and Climate Change

David Attenborough Leaflet

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James Lovelock - Population Reduction

Aubrey Manning - Population: Can We Begin to Talk Sensibly?

Norman Myers, Visiting Professor, Oxford Centre for the Environment

Chris Packham on the Natural Environment White Paper

Sara Parkin, Forum for the Future