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bookshelves so quick & easy to make these & saves on having to have another bookcase in the room these would look great in the girls room

casual fall outfit - simply but classy!

day bed on plywood base with built in table... we would put the long edge further back for under the bed storage space. I also would want to paint it like white or something.

Seriously go look at these pictures. Every one is so gorgeous and her outfits are so cute! So many cute pictures.

  • Linda Gonzalez

    @Teri Chester what about something like this?? I like this style!

  • Teri Chester

    @Linda Gonzalez I love the field idea! There has to be some empty ones in gainesville somewhere! Let me check around!

  • Ryan Osborn

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I could totally rock with something simple like this! Clean, as long as I can fill those draws with a TON of make up

Sweet Silence mug from Doctor who