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Spanish Spaghetti by Mel: Ingredients:8 oz. spaghetti, uncooked1T olive oil2 c onion, chopped2 t garlic, minced1 t oregano, dried½ t garlic powder¼ t crushed red pepper¼ t black pepper8 oz ground turkey1 2/3 c Marinara, home made2 oz. green olives sliced, with pimento¼ c white wine¼ c chopped fresh parsley

Cooking From the Heart: Alma Alcocer-Thomas – El Alma Café & Cantina

Cooking and Eating Guilt-Free Meals

Delicious Empanada Recipes from Muy Bueno Cookbook! - Food: Popular Hispanics® celebrates the importance and meaning of food as the very fabric of our Hispanic culture.

Top Ten Holiday Drinks - Top Ten: to Popular Hispanics, an English language online magazine bringing you the latest lifestyle and entertainment news all spiced up and served with a Hispanic twist.

The Picanha Cut (Top Sirloin) is very popular in the churrascarias of Southern Brazil.

Jibarito is a “huge” Puerto Rican burger. I can do with out the mayonnaise...but love this sandwich.

It’s funny, when I was a kid I used to complain because I swear we ate rice and beans at least 5 days a week. Rice and beans is just one of those side dishes that is easy to make and can literally be served with any type of meat prepared in any way.

Fried Plantains "Tostones"

Stuffed Potatoes (or Papas Rellenas)

Rice & Beans with Roasted chicken, avocados and tostones or platanos maduros (seen here) add up to a perfect meal.

Pasteles: Making and serving at Christmas time is a Puerto Rican tradition. It's hard work, but well worth the effort. Get together a bunch of friends and make a day of it. Be sure to make enough for everyone to take home. I love this stuff!

Quenepas: You peel and then suck on–it had a hard pit at its center and tasted bright and zingy.

Fillets of salmon with Jack Daniel's glaze and onion rings

Fruit and yogurt cones - a healthy treat to eat while watching the fireworks!

Fresh noms - Kimberly's Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe - Illustrated by Elissa Hudson.