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We The People...

Occoquan Workhouse - site of one of the most significant moments of the 19th Amendment

A soldier during the Civil War had his life saved by the Bible in his pocket. He wrote to President Lincoln about it, and the President sent him a replacement with the Presidential signature.

CMSGT Fred Archer, Tuskegee Airmen, The first African American to earn the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force

Civil War recruiting broadside, 1861. Item # 6704 on Maine Memory Network

President Barack Obama With 1st Lady Michelle Obama & Malia And Sasha Obama... CHRISTmas Early Years....

Exposing the hatred behind the founding voice of PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND ABORTION.

July 6, 1854 - In Jackson, MI, the Republican Party held its first convention. They were formed be a party against slavery. Here is a Democratic poster in opposition.

Born into slavery in Thomasville, Georgia, on March 21, 1856, Henry Ossian Flipper was appointed to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, in 1873. Over the next four years he overcame harassment, isolation, and insults to become West Point’s first African American graduate and the first African American commissioned officer in the regular U.S. Army.

Five founders who were skeptical of organized Christianity and couldn't be elected today. Good article.

Thought leader W.E.B. Dubois had already made a name for himself by 1899, so during the 1920s and 30s, he essentially helped to foster up-and-coming writers by giving them an outlet in his journal The Crisis (the media outlet of the NAACP he co-founded). Although at odds with such leaders as Marcus Garvey, DuBois was active in promoting the work and education of Black leaders for the sake of uplifting African-American society overall.

Wake up America!!

Rev. Josiah Henson (July 15, 1789 - May 15, 1883) and his wife Nancy. After he escaped to Canada in October 1830, Rev. Henson aided more than 600 enslaved Africans to freedom. He founded a settlement and school for other freedom seekers called the Dawn Settlement in Dresden, Ontario. He helped African-Descent Canadians join the Union Army. He advocated in support of African-Descent education and spent all his life in his Dresden community.

ca. 1850-55, [portrait of a gentleman as the “wily Yankee”] The “wily Yankee” was a popular 19th century stage character who became the visual predecessor to “Uncle Sam.” Between acts, the wily Yankee remained on stage, whittled, and told parables. At times, he was known to flirt with both the women and men in the audience as he suggestively carved a stick. via the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photography Collection

"Some boast of being friends to government; I am a friend to righteous government, to a government founded upon the principles of reason and justice; but I glory in publicly avowing my eternal enmity to tyranny." - John Hancock, March 5, 1774, Oration on the Anniversary of the Boston Massacre of 1770 - (1737 or 36 - 1793) was a merchant, statesman, and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution - Known for his first and stylish signature on the Declaration of Independence