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Like a fucking boss

Like a fucking boss

Don't look at me like that! I told you I couldn't draw

Potato, potato...okay that doesn't really work in writing.

  • Steph Ohman

    Definitely not my logic. People look at me crazy when I change in front of people with my full coverage bra and full bottom undies... They cover more than my swim suit!

The Vapor (ca. 2,5 ml) $25 This small tank from a German vendor takes Clearomizers and Cartomizers. Great piece! My favorite so far. #vape #esmoking

Why there needs to be a 'batch upload' option

Gosh, I’m Not Gonna Flirt Anymore

You're unique. Just like everybody else.


I hope they catch him

funny cat pictures - Lolcats: Mittens the Destroyer

opinion-duct tape

It's our duty to help our American friends and neighbours