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%% [Cinema 4D Tutorials + Inspiration]%%

"The 4th Dimension - the dimension we live in, containing the dimensions length, height, width and time. This dimension is rarely spoken of, because most people don't know time is dimension as well.The most common dimension in the universe is 4D. It is thought that black holes might have more than 10 dimensions."

Inspiration ▶▶▶ HTC Evo 4g plus // taiho roh

Inspiration ▶▶▶ SIA Conceptart // taiho roh

Tutoriak ▶▶▶ Recreating the Triangles Scene

Cinema 4D - Recreating the Triangles Scene Tutorial

Tutorial ▶▶▶ Dynamic Floor Tiles

Tutorial ▶▶▶ Modeling and Texturing an Eyeball

Cinema 4D - Modeling and Texturing an Eyeball Tutorial

Tutorial ▶▶▶ How to Quickly Model a Strawberry

Cinema 4D - How to Quickly Model a Strawberry Tutorial

Inspiration ▶▶▶ Maserati Quattroporte 2013

▶▶▶ Cinema 4D Tutorials


▶▶▶ Vinicius Costa // 3D inspiration


▶▶▶ Vinicius Costa // 3D inspiration

Tutorial ▶▶▶ Crystals Effect

Cinema 4D - Crystals Effect Tutorial

Inspiration ▶▶▶ Clouds & Gradients Pt.1 // Aaron Campbell

Inspiration ▶▶▶ Pen Orchestra // Benoit Challand

Pen Orchestra by Benoit Challand

▶▶▶ Jivaldi app icon concept

Logo Design - Lava App Icon