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A spring of rosemary and place card.

Pottery Barn - Inside & Out

An adorable way to display a menu.

Sweet Summer Nights: A Santa Barbara Barbecue Goes Glam

A Beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding

Danielle & Brad's Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding - Have and Hold

Rustic Elegant Wedding Invitation from Wedding Paper Divas

We've Partnered With Wedding Paper Divas! - Have and Hold

Wedding Flower Spotlight: Lily of the Valley

Wedding Flower Spotlight: Lily of the Valley - Have and Hold

Rustic Elegant bouquet with a beautiful brooch.

MarLa and Sager’s Family Roots-Inspired Southern Wedding

Rustic and romantic table. Photo Credit: Jose Villa

Jill La Fleur's Romantic and Rustic Tablescape

Heartfelt Roots-Inspired Wedding

  • Nicole Gumtow

    These are real people on a very special day and I think they look happy, beautiful and in love!

  • tracie cichoracki

    nicole; i thought the same thing, real people, happy, beautiful, in love and lovely setting. tearing down others isn't funny at someone's expense. it's just mean.

  • Brenda DesJarlais

    You can be "in love" and "CLEAN" the two are not mutually exclusive. The bride makes an effort to look gorgeous...and he didn't, it was actually the GROOM that didn't bother to make the effort at his own wedding?

  • Nicole Gumtow

    Clearly you have missed the point

  • Terry Applebaum

    I think his suit looks the way it does because of the way he is standing, nothing homeless looking about him. Congrats to the couple, and lets just be happy for them ( so many horrible things going on around the world).

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Wedding this way.

MarLa and Sager’s Family Roots-Inspired Southern Wedding

Beautiful handmade archway.

Kristin and Phil's Chic Yacht Club Wedding

Set the scene for guests with a festive garland made of greens, florals, and berries!

3 Unexpectedly Chic Ways to Use Garlands

Barn and a wedding dress.

Consider a vintage couch for reception seating.

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