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Blackberry Farm Garden Shed - Blackberry Farm Resort - Town & Country Magazine

This week's Recipe Comic comes from Chris Eliopoulos, a cartoonist and illustrator who lives just outside Chicago; here, he shares a recipe for that quintessential Midwestern snack: fried smelt.

In December 1998, a common octopus was captured in Matoya Bay, Japan, which had a whopping 96 tentacles. The unusual octopus had the normal 8 appendages attached to the body, but each one of those branched out to form the extra tentacles. The specimen survived for five months after its capture, and even laid eggs, which hatched into normal 8 tentacled octopi. Upon its death, the 96-tentacled octopus was preserved and now remains on permanent display at the Shima Marineland Aquarium in Japan.

Trout Fishing - Hand Painted Pilsner. $30.00, via Etsy.

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Ginei handmade lures

Antique fishing lures