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Dental Cartoons & Humor

Mandible or grapefruit?

Haha =)

  • Darcy Webb

    It is nice to see a good sense of humor when it comes to people's fears of the dentists office. I think this is a good way to actually overcome those dilemmas. Laughter is the best medicine, right? http://www.smilesofbeverlyh...

going to the dentist

Tecnologia a favor da Vida: (ANTIGAMENTE) NA CADEIRA DO DENTISTA
  • Jason Strong

    Seeing pictures like this really make me wonder if that's how the dentist was like back in the day. I know that it's meant to be funny, but I'm sure some of these techniques were actually used when people went to the dentist. It makes me grateful for modern day technology that makes our trips to the dentist more comfortable.

Dental Humor - Got laughs? - Community - Google+

Dental Humor - Got laughs? - Community - Google+

Floss your teeth! Twice a day isn't enough! Leave it in at all times for full cleanliness! #Dentist #Dental Jokes #Hygienist #Dentaltown #Quotes

  • Mia Hart

    Can you imagine if people actually did this? That would be so weird and would mean no one would ever have clean enough teeth in the eyes of a dentist. Luckily, dentists know that something like this would be ridiculous. Mia | http://www.dentistryonwilso...