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How should I talk to my parents about birth control?

Is it okay to skip the reminder pills in my pill pack?

Will the morning-after pill work if I’m taking antibiotics? What about other kinds of birth control? - Hi! We're Planned Parenthood

On June 7, 2013 we mark 48 years since the Supreme Court legalized contraception in the United States. Let’s focus on making it easier for every woman to use the contraceptive method that’s right for her to help her plan, space or prevent pregnancy. When used correctly and consistently, we know modern methods are highly effective. Please share our new graphic to help make the point.

Infographic: Contraception Is Highly Effective

Womens health and advocacy organizations help show the Obama administration that support for the birth control benefit far outweighs opposition to it.

  • Kama Green-Sales

    As long as it is NOT the essure everyone should be fine !!!! the essure is one of the worst products on the market !!!

Birth Control We All Benefit

Women Overestimate How Effective Most Forms of Contraception Really Are | The Psychology of Human Sexuality: Results indicated that only 2 in 5 women correctly guessed the effectiveness of condoms, and fewer than 1 in 5 correctly guess the effectiveness of contraceptive pills, patches, and rings. The majority of women (nearly two-thirds) overestimated how effective each of these methods were at preventing pregnancy.

Welcome Essure! We are now offering Essure at our Baltimore City location.

  • Angie Firmalino

    I still can't believe this pin! Omg! How horrible and repulsive

  • Karen Perea

    How disgusting! Why would someone want to celebrate this torture device?

  • Tamara Myers

    Please don't do this if you value your health.I suffered from the day I got this until the day I had surgery to romove this product and my fallopian tubes. My advice, RUN!!!!

  • Sharon Laakko

    Ask Essure what the procedure for removing coils is. Not to be able to get pg but in case you have a reaction to the coils. Most girls have to have complete hysterectomies to remove coils and fibers, as coils break easily. Get all the information you can , go to FDA site look up Maude reports etc. Be very informed as it seems the doctors are not explaining the side effects.

  • Kathleen Peschel

    ahahaha - I can't believe this is on Pinterest anyway but yeah - horrible product that nearly killed me

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Research shows that the pill does not make you gain weight.

It's LARC Awareness Week--tell a friend about these superstar birth control methods!

Birth Control Case with Uterus Design. I would love to decorate my birth control case like this!