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Other Guam Desserts

VIDEO Guam recipes - Banana Lumpia or turon recipes

This is the ultimate macaron book to help you understand the "finicky" nature of macarons. The book includes a very detailed almond macaron recipe and all the info you need to make perfect macaron cookies.

VIDEO Ahu or young coconut dessert soup

An easy Filipino recipe of sweet rice, coconut milk and brown sugar, recipe at > more recipes

Champulado recipe in 'A Taste of Guam' - an excellent treat of rice, chocolate, milk and sugar, best when hot though it can be eaten cold.

Chamorro champulado recipe with picture of Guam champulado

Guam - sweet dessert soup made with tapioca, water, sugar, and young coconut or manha (mon-ha).

Ahu or Young Coconut Dessert Soup

Poto on Guam is made with ground rice, tuba (a fermented coconut alcohol drink), and sugar. Because it is difficult to get tuba in the states, islanders have learned to substitute with beer, yeast, baking powder or baking soda.

Recipe for poto and how to make poto video

Coconut candy on Guam is made with sugar, freshly grated coconut and a touch of butter.

Guam Coconut Candy

ALMOND ROCA RECIPE - "almond roca" is a very popular candy on is a very easy and delicious recipe, better than what you will buy at the store

Almond Toffee with Chocolate

Guam banana lumpia

Banana Lumpia or Turon

APIGIGE' RECIPE - a tapioca and coconut dessert, grilled in banana leaves. Some people make it with mature coconut while others use the young coconut.

Guam recipe for apigige' with apigige' pictures

LECHE FLAN RECIPE - This is the ultimate in custards! A rich flan of egg yolks, condensed milk and evaporated milk, you need only a small piece.

Lime Flavored Leche Flan