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Add cornstarch to clear polish to get matte finish; easier than paying so much for matte nail polish. So smart!

Complete Mod French Mani...@Hello Darling ♥ Dollface & Sir English are the perfect combo! #notd #nails

Winter Toenail Art Designs

Cartographically Inspired Fashion | Geography Education. Paint nails white/cream. Soak nails in alcohol for 5 minutes. Press nails to map and hold. Paint with clear nailpolish after it dries.

splatter nails ♥ the whole tutorial is in french, so all you need to know is that you paint a base, cover your fingers [around the nail] in tape, get your desired colours together, dip straws in the nail polish and blow through the straw to get the polish to splatter onto your nails. once it's all dry, take the tape off and revel in your adorable nails :)

Peacock nails! i so did this before!

black,white & silver