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Eye Candy

25 Pins

Eye Candy

  • 25 Pins

Bradley Cooper - Fell in love with him in "Silver Linings Playbook". Oh those baby blues!

Aaron Eckhart - a rare blond that makes my list

Gasp! So much hotness in one small picture, and they're probably watching basketball which ups the hot factor.

He's shorter than I normally like and more boyishly cute . . . until I heard him sing on SNL. That propels him into the "hot" category.

Mmm . . . McDreamy.

Jon Bon Jovi - my first celebrity love. It was hard to pick a picture - classic Jon? Modern Jon? Then I saw this one . . . he's 50 and still hot as hell.

I know I'm arriving a bit late to the Matt Bomer party, but better late than never! Those eyes . . . and the body isn't terrible either.

Harry Connick Jr. - Multitalented and a voice that was made to make the classics cool again.

John Cusack - always a classic

Jon Hamm - He can wear a suit, a smirk, scruff or a smile - no matter what he is insanely HOT!

Darren Criss - Sigh. Cute and he can sing!

Adam Levine - a great voice, a stellar body, and such a pretty face

Colin Farrell - Those eyes, that brogue - I do love an Irishman.

Hugh Grant - He may be a cad, but he's still pretty.

Hugh Laurie - Funny, talented, adorable, British

David Beckham - Even with a shirt on, he's smokin' hot.

Matthew Morrison - Oh Mr. Schue, who knew that's what you've got under those sweater vests?

Chris Martin - Great voice and if he's good enough for Gwyneth, he's good enough for this board.

Daniel Craig- He's James Bond and looks a bit like M. What's not to love?

Ben Affleck - still adore him

Dane Cook - funny and kind of yummy, too.

Captain vonTrapp (swoon!) -Christopher Plummer

When men were men - Cary Grant