Come on in! Join Pinterest only takes like a second or so.


Until I find a way to autofeed from Instagram to Pinterest, you're stuck with totally random updates until the Pin has stuck me.

Help vote my picture as Instacanvas photo of the week

Have you guys tried the iPhone app "Everyday"? It lets you take a photo of yourself every day and then plays them as a movie.

Instagram photo contests directory | Statigram

5 Tips for Getting Natural Smiles in Photos – (Don’t) Say Cheese!

This links to my Masonical Mystery Tour set on flickr. I was on a tour that got access to the Cincinnati Masonic Center. It was dope.

@Jason Keith at Social Fresh noticed that Red Bull is 1 of 23 Brands "Using Instagram And What They're Doing Right."

need to check out scratchcam for some of my instagram pics.

Gram of Thrones = Social TV

hoping this infographic doesn't signal the end of an era

The most creative shot will only go and bag themselves a Tassimo T55 Styline Coffee Machine! Imagine that. Then you can have all the coffee you'll ever want to fuel your creativity whenever you need.

Mashed up Animoto and Instagram to create this quick You Tube video. Meta!

This Pinterest/Instagram mashup is sure to make at least one lawyer have a stroke.

Statigram allows you to create your Facebook Timeline covers. This site does so also.

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