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Circle Time Ideas

Weather Bear FREEBIE | Line upon Line Learning

Weather Bear - Line upon Line Learning

attention getter

Books, Bugs & Boxes: Patch-up Post Linky

FREE! This is a great game to promote those early counting skills and number recognition.Children pick a number card and fill their fish bowls with the...

cute bean bag toss and party

Juicy Bits: 34: the monster bash part one: the look

Amazing idea- monster man!! Helps with phonics, literacy lessons and even numeracy lessons!

Find the tape at the $ store.

The Resourceful Room!: My First Monday Made It of the Summer!

Using Children's Names - Journey Into Early Childhood

Pre-K bootcamp - bootcamp sounds a bit excessive, but there are some good activities and links

Mrs. Bray's Little Bulldogs

Excellent idea for kids to see what letter we are working on!!

My Summer Preschool Program {Part 4}

This website has a lot of great little jingles and songs for kids to sing as a class. All these jingles have something to do with movement and moving their body.

"heart, heart is the shape I see/ If you have a heart then show it to me/ stand up and turn around/ show me your heart and then sit down"- Use colors, shapes, letters, numbers, etc

Music time anytime! - I Can Teach My Child!

20 animal movement cards

20 animal movement cards