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Early Finisher Jars... great ideas on this website and MONEY CUBES # Pin++ for Pinterest #

After School Routine Checklist- would be good to have one to keep me on track. Good post for a new teacher.

Back to school night.... this whole blog is ridiculously awesome.

Word boxes: If a student doesn't know how to spell a word, they check the card in the box. If it's not there, they bring the card to me, we spell it together, and then the card goes back in its spot when they're done. Promotes independent writers!

SMARTboard (ease into first day of school) "First Day of School! First Day of School!" Even high schoolers would love this!

hundreds of FREE children's books you can read online or download to you e-library

This blog post is full of amazing ideas for how to prepare for Open House night and get a head start on learning about your students! I especially love the idea of an "About the Teacher" page and a page letting parents know all of the awesome things their children will be learning that year.

An addicted pinterest teacher's dream site! :) It has everything organized into categories!!! Love it!!

Inference-This is an awesome Pixar short for reinforcing or introducing the skill of inference. allow students to watch the entire film (5 minutes) then replay it, stopping to ask inference questions.

Friday Journals--kids write a note on Friday to their parents telling what they learned that week. The parents write a short response back to their child, and the child brings the notebook back Monday. Each parent response earns a sticker for the cover. Love it--a great way to practice letter writing, and to get parents involved. Helps the children ingrain what has been taught into their memory too.

Super system to see who has turned in homework. Students flip their clothespin to the smileyface side when they turn things in.

Awesome list of procedures to teach at the beginning of year. I always have a list at the beginning of the year....this has a lot that I think about after the fact!

An amazing outline/list of things to do to prepare for the first day of school and beyond!